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You will see me when it's light,
My colors dazzle and delight.
I'm ancient in the world you live
And if you ask me, I shall give...

A blanket of snow
glistens fluffy and white
Tucks us in, oh so cozy
for the long winter night

O Blessed Child of Wonder
Growing in me
We love you so much,
Your daddy and me.

Worlds apart
Or so it seems
You have your life
I have my dreams

I am Janet
In Wiccan circles, I am known as Luna Muse
I stand before the Triple Goddess
Maiden, Mother and Crone

Your daddy was my first born,
Zac was such an awesome child.
He found the world a curious place,
And fate upon him smiled.

Feel the passion,
surrender deep...
Muse will find you,
wake or sleep.

Gone are the days of childhood past,
Your womanly quest is calling.
So open your mind, your heart, your soul
And abandon the fear of falling.

On just my single stem,
O’er the others I shall tower.
My face turned toward the sun
For my namesake is SUNflower.

When I was young
I used to wear
A pretty ribbon
In my hair

Starry Starry Night
At last you've taken flight
Where your Spirit soars in harmony
With all that is, and all to be

She used to hang around a lot. Especially when Indonesian clove smoke danced and swirled around my hand, in and out of me – I breathed it – and her. Where did she go?

Is she as bored as I am at this humdrum existence I'm stumbling through lately? Is she on vacation? Courting some other half-baked aspiring poet who's turning out reams of rhyme and reason while I lay in bed night after night, wide awake and feeling tearful because I can't find myself, my life or my muse?

Honor your
place in the

What a crazy life we live, my head’s spinning, is yours?
Yes, we have our daily woes, but yet sweet goddess pours
Her love and blessings in our lives, just look around and see
The best in life we already have, the gift of you and me

April rains have brought forth
rich, fertile earth
and now, on May Day,
this cross-quarter holiday

It doesn’t pay to worry
For it won’t bring brighter days
No need to always hurry
Through life’s crazy little maze

I gaze at myself in the looking glass
Saying, “Life with you has its ups and downs”’
Your response is blended with laughter and sass,
Reflecting, “ I’ve given you smiles and frowns.”

T’was a day in late August of 2005
When this woman became my client.
Her caseworker would strive
To see that we’d jive

Have you been inside my room?
It's round without a door.
Its windows are of cellophane
with paper blinds galore.

Spirits of the East,
South, West, North...
encircle us with your love.

Janet K. Rauch Biography

I've been pouring passion through my pen since grade school. My muse (Luna Muse) , is a fiesty one! She is the light that makes my third chakra (solar plexus) glow. She sparks my creativity, and keeps everyday passion alive and well. She nurtures my soul, walks beside me every step of my life journey. Together, we are endlessly connected to the Universe wherein the flow of energy is exchanged, moment by moment. I am so blessed, so a-mused, so honored to have the gift of poetry...of raw self-expression. May I share it with you? Come journey with me!)

The Best Poem Of Janet K. Rauch

Sweet Dragonfly

You will see me when it's light,
My colors dazzle and delight.
I'm ancient in the world you live
And if you ask me, I shall give...

The wisdom that is mine, is yours
A set of keys for all the doors
You'll need to open, one by one
Until your earthly work is done.

With love and magick, you shall weave
Together all that you believe.
To form a blessed soul connection
And find a path of new direction.

Take my energy deep within
And feel the transformation begin.
On my healing powers, you can rely
For I am you, Sweet Dragonfly!

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Barbara Rene Rock 26 June 2021

You Yoi are an amzing womban. I love the spark of the divine in your work.

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Jude Eze 19 March 2020

You are so impressive You inspire me I’m so proud of you

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