Sweet Dragonfly Poem by Janet K. Rauch

Sweet Dragonfly

Rating: 5.0

You will see me when it's light,
My colors dazzle and delight.
I'm ancient in the world you live
And if you ask me, I shall give...

The wisdom that is mine, is yours
A set of keys for all the doors
You'll need to open, one by one
Until your earthly work is done.

With love and magick, you shall weave
Together all that you believe.
To form a blessed soul connection
And find a path of new direction.

Take my energy deep within
And feel the transformation begin.
On my healing powers, you can rely
For I am you, Sweet Dragonfly!

Barbara Attaway 11 February 2008

This is just beautifully written, Janet. The dragonfly is just the most beautiful and delicate creature, isn't it? ? ? They are totally worthy of these beautiful thoughts you've put together here. We are on the waterways here in southeast Texas all the time and the dragonflies are our constant companions. And... my sympathies to you on the loss of your loved one. I always look forward to your P.I.M. entry on that OTHER site we both enjoy. Thanks for the lovely poetry! Barb

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Chuck Audette 28 December 2006

Beautiful poetic flow and imagery to this. Damselflies are gorgeous, also. I love canoeing and having a dragonfly or damselfly set itself down in a sunny spot and go for a ride with me. -chuck

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Esther Leclerc 20 December 2006

A mystical, magical write, Janet... Welcome to Poem Hunter! Esther : ]

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Diane Violet 19 December 2006

Obsessed with Dragonflies also, love your poem. To my fav's..................Diane

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Patti Masterman 19 December 2006

This is so lovely. I sense that dragonflies are very much more intelligent than we might think! The way they tilt their little heads from side to side (like a dog- you know?) I am obsessed with dragonflies, I have to admit. And dragonflies are just the icing on the cake here.

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