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Full time writer, poet and owner of a private refuge for
abandoned dogs. Spent ten years at sea, travelling obscure
parts of our world, but never quite made it to the Far East.

Janet Mary Zylstra Poems

Night Song

There's a nightingale singing from a tree in the woods
And his voice slices through the chilly air;
The silver coated fox stops and listens to the song
As she pokes her pretty nose out of her lair.

Christ In A Garden

Christ in a garden of roses -
Where beauty meets beauty
And Love meets the symbol of love;


Another place, another time
When the world was not possessed by man
And beast played but a minor part;
Evolution had not yet begun.

Traveller's Memories

Dreams - dreams - dreams
Of faraway lands and faraway places,
Strange, foreign names and strange, foreign faces;
Dreams of the sea and dreams of the ocean

Cake Baking Day

Delicious smells come tiptoeing
Around the oven door.
They come creeping through the kitchen,
Up the curtains, 'cross the floor.

Janet Mary Zylstra Comments

Lare Austin 01 January 2005

Hi Mary...I've just discovered your latest posted poetry. And thus have found your other poems here on this site as well. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing. Your poetry is very, very good. You have such a gifted way with words. Have you thought of publishing a book of poetry? Sincerely, Lare Joseph Austin

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