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Another place, another time
When the world was not possessed by man
And beast played but a minor part;
Evolution had not yet begun.
A molten earth, so lately hushed
When the grand explosion ceased,
Where water's gentle fingers stretched,
Across its blistered surface reached.
A sky so pure and deep and blue,
Where tumbling clouds like lovers rolled,
Wrestled and conceived and bore
With laboured groans on dusty plains
Of white cooled ash and sand and stone,
That necessary infant, Rain.
Silence kissed the sighing earth
Who moaned no more, ; breathed in relief,
For time cradled her within his hand.
Seas were seas and land was land.
Evolution had not yet begun.
...There was silence.

Roseann Shawiak 02 February 2016

Very enticing imagery depicting the beauty of silence in the beginning before man came and ruined everything. Really great poem, feelings of serenity flow beneath the rhythm of your poem, calming my spirit.10+++ Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Janet Mary Zylstra 29 November 2004

Thanks, Amy. I had my doubts about it, but you've restored my faith in Silence.

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Amy Murtagh 27 November 2004

This poem is absolutely amazing! You really get across the atmosphere of peace and tranquility with magic, definately your best

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