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Jared Carter is a contemporary American poet born in Elwood, Indiana, in 1939. He studied at Yale and at Goddard College. After military service and travel abroad, he made his home in Indianapolis, where he has lived since 1969.

He worked for many years as an editor and interior designer of textbooks and scholarly works, first with the Bobbs-Mer ...

Jared Carter Poems

Cutting Glass

It takes a long, smooth stroke practiced carefully
over many years and made with one steady motion.

You do not really cut glass, you score its length

As Others See Us

If you were fortunate enough to live
on a planet circling a sun-like star
in the Large Magellanic Cloud -

Summer Rain

One of life's simplest moments: the approaching of the first few drops of a summer rain. That it was coming, all along, and had been predicted since mid-morning, by neighbors pointing to the dark western sky, and by the agitation of robins, and the unusual silence of cicadas - all that was conceded, and understood, while the rain itself would be welcomed, for it would cool the trees and the houses and the grass, and nourish the creatures of the earth in its invisible and lasting way.

Certainly it was expected, and yet as I sat there reading, being drawn into a faraway world, I had entirely forgotten the roof and the porch, and the parched streets, and even the increased tempo of the wind blowing through the trees - and suddenly there it was, that sound, those drops scattering, nothing overwhelming, just the announcement, the presence, of rain come at last.

Dusting Erasers

In a cold empty room, down
in the basement, the janitor
had rigged up an old buffer
from the shoe factory - it was

Laodamia To Protesilaus

If you were lost, how would I find you,
what path take along dark streets, through
damp vaults, how untangle those choices
far underground, those myriad voices?

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