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"Unable or unwanting
to assume
a manly, worldly responsibility
you languish in idle

From shill to shadow
You see the flow
Of a mind trapped
Within a ghastly tow

Mystic green eyes
Hair tied in a braid
Your cheeks like ledges
A smile the Goddess splayed

you work away your shift
i sit and punch a screen
quietly flirt charm with ease
your beauty keeps my fears at bay

Oh, those golden
(Downward Spiral Vortices)
Which lock you

I never had it out with you
there was so much magic to do
I put aside questions and grievance
let the business at hand

What is it that you do?

I try to be a good man
In a world long gone to Hell

I probably look crazy
Thats because I am
Crazy with sadness
Plain starved of love

Hello deep funk
Hello train platform
The name is Jason
I'm still waiting to be born

I write a few lines
To try and define
The magic of the bind
We find ourselves in

I went and had a play in public yesterday

I wanted to make some extra bread, reduced to below the line of poverty I was

February Appraisal

Here I sit
An isolated and dislocated man

Thirty three points of light
On your Navy blue rag
Adorn the sky on high

Occupation Iconoclast
Life's a blast
Disillusioned with job search
Leaves me in the lurch

Three month stay
In your outer suburbs
A throw back in time
Recollections of yesterday

The Best Poem Of Jason Bonhomme

Cognitive Dissonance

"Unable or unwanting
to assume
a manly, worldly responsibility
you languish in idle

you want to demolish
church and state
and yet you
receive an allowance
from the guv'
food and clothing
via RCC good works
I am thankful
praise from above

cognitive dissonance
to be back in the world
of form name number
crimson prince
stands in the dock
authority lies hubris
all torn asunder

my back
against the wall
excuses for friends revealed
blood blackening hate
cold rejection irate
purple thistle flowers
lying dead in the field.

[South coast of New South Wales, Australia,2017]

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