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what is the difference
between a raven and a crow?
for one has a more beautiful name
than the other one has to show

As I close my eyes
I see what I truly want
I feel my body yearn for his
Just to touch him

To come back to the city,
the city that was my home.
a place of pure tranquility,
to the beaches where I had roamed.

what's in a name
for a name is a name
something you call something
reflecting its radiance

blood pumping, adrenaline coursing through my veins
there is only one thing that crosses my mind
to win, crushing my opponent shamefully to the ground
where I can claim certain victory over them

Come to me my love
Come when I call
You’re my angel from above
I’ll catch you when you fall


floating in the cool water
oblivious to the dangers of engulfing her
she stares blankly at the bird above her
a crow encircles her, watching her

here you are next to me
us close enough to touch
yet feeling so far away from you
it’s like my world was set on autopilot

like vines, your mind twists
winding your thoughts
creeping along with stealth
a hush echoes as you make your way

sizzling is the heat along the skin
under the shade, we all hide
never appreciating the warmth
shining in warm dazzling glory

How blind have i been?
to not see the deceit that's so clear in your eyes
i have been ignorant, i see
i have let myself trust you, open up, and be your friend

time ticks by as we search
remembering the good times shared
understanding the need and want
ever gnawing at the back of the mind

the gentle sounds of waves crashing against the shore
the soft crunching of sand under our feet
the smell of the salty ocean breeze
and the wondeful look in your eyes as the sun sets

looking in this mirror,
i ask myself who i really am
but i have no answer
for i don't know who i am

feeling elated as i stare into your eyes
shimmering brightly with joy like the stars above
running your fingers across my warm skin
tracing patterns, leaving behind a hot sensation

day breaks, the sun rises through the clouds
coating the world with its warm rays
bidding nature a hello as it wakes up
putting a smile on my face as I see it

To think i almost lost you
to think of life without you

I sit there in the corner
watching you
Thinking about you
wanting you

I look to my left and i look to my right
i see the future in front of my eyes
yet this thing that beats so naturally inside me
is torn both ways for the love and passion

I trusted you and you turned your back…for who?
This boy who you think your in love with?
I can’t believe you, can’t believe that you would throw away our friendship
A bond that we spent years on strengthen

The Best Poem Of May N

The Raven And The Crow

what is the difference
between a raven and a crow?
for one has a more beautiful name
than the other one has to show

has jealousy seeped into the crow
to hate the raven so?
to think of such an evil plan
and sink so very low

To take away all of the things
so quick and so abrupt
and take away the raven's life
it's nothing but corrupt

the raven lies there bleeding
dying by each passing minute
the snow soaks up its dark red blood
before the cold then kills it

triumph reigns inside evil
elated as it might feel
a cold eminates from it
loneliness will be its chill

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