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Different people, different place,
Different race, different face,
Far they live, Far they thrive,
Yet too close.....to remain alive,

Sitting beside my window pane,
i was gazing at all that was happening outside,
clouds of her thoughts were treading ahead,
gradually engulfing the tranquil gleam,

The chords of her heart
Resting in a long covet
For those fingers to touch them
And press hard against

I may not be the poetry of a poet,
The protagonist Of a heroic tale,
The melodious notes of nightingale,
I may not be the rainbow....

His Heart.....,

A stream, flowing recklessly,
No one can fathom, how deep,

From God to his child.....

I was always with you....

When Sun douse inside the old blue sea
Thorns turn bald seeing the capering bee.

When sky descends, bowing valorous marred earth

Akin to seven colors
I was the white crayon
They filled their silhouette
Splendid and bright

Sometimes, a deep seated thought,
Paves it's way, lingering inside my heart
Shouting aloud in silence, it yearns
To escape from the net, I am entrapped in

Like the everyday fading scar
Dying fragrance of a plucked flower

Waning of new winter moon

Love, hatred and obsession, closely akin
The line of separation stands very thin.

Leaped over another, you not even realize

O' my beloved.......,
Each day, the ocean growing deep,
By every new drop of love I seek,
My Heart craves for none, but you,

Turning the pages
of my diary.....

I can see that young sapling

Oh singer! the fact that you know?
When those words jumping out of your mouth
One after the other, form a row
Dancing in a tune, holding every beat, they go on flow


Broken my leg, my heart broken more
The old silhouette of my being
gradually diminish to zilch
In the misty eyes

poetry to me is like.....

on the thirsty earth, falling tears of sky
a bird free from the cage, takes her first fly

Rambling on the streets, I found
Untouched sky, never trudged hills around
Sun peeping out of snowy jacket, hails
To let my boat free and

An unknowing howl of joy is in air
That I can breathe but can't hear

Reaching every part, through blood it crawls


The invincible spool goes on rolling
Unwinding the falling thread
If loosely wound, it tangles itself
If wound tight, it breaks

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Different people, different place,
Different race, different face,
Far they live, Far they thrive,
Yet too close.....to remain alive,
The knot of art ties them together,
Differences may be any, no one bother,
All destined to play that one game,
Though the feel may be diverse,
The air they take in, is the same,
There's no religion to which art belongs,
Distinct culture, distinct tradition,
Several ways of worshipping lord,
Through verses, colours or melodious notes,
All believe and love that one god,
Inside whose bower, flowers of imagination bloom,
And the striving birds find their solitary abode.

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An artist creates something to impress, but a true artist does only to express

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