Jazzy Davies Poems

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Insatiable...(For You)

There's not enough time in this lifetime for us
no time for talk
no time for sleep
The need inside me is an ache

The Road

I see the road, out there in front
twisting and snaking out of sight
I hear the distant footsteps, smell spring on the air
meandering forward, friends join with me

Acacia Avenue

There was a family that lived down the road from us
Seven kids and two scruffy mongrels
We looked down our noses at them and talked about them a lot
Their front yard was littered with rubbish and scrap cars

Humility Forgotten

Who are we? in this world, so complex
What gives us the right?
To presume, to judge, to destroy
Who made you King?

Thoughts From A Traffic Jam

Have you ever wondered why you get born as you?
Why this body, this country, this era?
Does anyone else have the same questions I do?
And who gets to decide?


You were the hardest one to fool
you knew me inside out
knew my innermost thoughts, hopes, desires
it took some planning


She lays there, forehead damp,
chestnut hair fanned out,
cheeks flushed,
content smile playing on her lips,

The Smellpotpig

Its abode was the linen cupboard, in the corner of our room
A lesser known creature, nocturnal and vile

My Psychosis

Slowly and without trace
You imprinted yourself upon my senses
left me reeling
coiling around me, choking out apathy


When will you arrive?
waiting, not sure for what, or for whom
an absence felt, a yearning known
just knowing