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I don't know why I stayed so long,
Or how I couldn't see it was wrong.
When most of the time I would lay and cry…
Always blaming myself and wondering, "why? "

he prays toward the sky
even himself asking why
his mother just died
and his family can only cry

My dream is gone
Forever is too long
This wind has carried it away
All my hope.

Broken and falling apart
How could you say such a remark?
It's hard to say what I'll do
Who knows with these feelings of you

You see my eyes follow someone else
A hand crawls down your spine
I ask you if your ok,
You lie and say 'I’m fine.'

I've been drawn into a love affair
With a shiny stranger
The sharp edge it gives
Puts my life in danger

A question I often ask
When I get that feeling
When my mind is off task
And my head is reeling

Everyday I count each moment
My passion I have to vent

This helpless girl
Is lying on the cold floor
This sick twisted man
Stands over her, wanting more

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Jeanette has written in a journal since she can remember. She enjoys writing, reading, and shopping. She is happily ever after married to Dave, and has loads of pets - a poodle Bailey; a kitty named Lucky, two adorable ferrets Pebbles and Bam-Bam, and one new baby bird. She is working on her bachelor's degree in psychology. Dark, intense writing is her favorite, but she also appreciates humor. She works as an Office Manager and OSHA Authorized Instructor, mystery shops, and writes for

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Ending The Cycle

I don't know why I stayed so long,
Or how I couldn't see it was wrong.
When most of the time I would lay and cry…
Always blaming myself and wondering, "why? "
Intimidated, scared and isolated,
[He was] always yelling and agitated.
Forever controlled and manipulated
By this Hell he created.
I suffered silently - but others were nearby.
Didn't they notice I was forced to comply?
Please don't stay quiet - in this epidemic
Or your loved ones will be seeing a medic
1 in 4 women,1 in 7 men
How can we get this cycle to end?
It's not all black eyes and angry fists,
But yes, there were bruises when he held down my wrists.
The hateful words spat into my ear,
Nasty names called, so horrible to hear.
The cycle continued on and the hurt forgiven,
Until she came along, then I became driven.
It wasn't about me anymore,
Or the pain I could endure.
It became about protecting this little girl,
Who with all my heart and soul I adore.
Such huge differences between him and me;
I just want what is best for my baby (Harley)
Grateful for the outpouring of support;
(Just praying it all works out in court.)
I escaped, and we survived with our lives,
Unlike so many young victims, girlfriends, and wives.
I'm lucky to be free from the abuse,
No longer will he taunt and bruise.
Together we are healing, better every day.
Trying to forget his abusive way.
As hard as it is to think back,
I wrote this to stop others from attack
The violent abuse was not our choice,
Stand up for those without a voice.
I'm telling you from 10 years of pain -
He won't get help, he won't change.
You can't fix the abuser, only yourself
There are people who want to help!


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