Jeanie Leyba Poems

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~dying Love~

I want to believe in you
And hold on to every word you say
Like how much you say
That you love me

~let Me Go~

Let me go, leave me be
In this love not meant to be
Your broken promises saddened me
My heart is breaking from the strain

~sticks And Stones~

Sticks and Stones may
Break your bones
And words will never hurt you
That is so untrue

~hospital Souls~

The darkness swallows me
My thoughts overwhelming me
This pain suffocating me
Emptiness consuming me

~dark And Light~

I walk down the ally of my darkness
I live in it, I suffocate in it,
I drown in it, I dwell in it
There is a kind of death to every story

~psychotic Rage~

Weakened by the blow
Dizzy from the haze
I'm caught in the crossfire
Once again you go into


I'm broken, I'm dead inside
I don't want sympathy
I'm just speaking my mind
I stand alone inside my darkness

~the Unfortunate Ones~

And for the unfortunate ones
The endless cycle of pain begins
Day after day, night after night
Until one day you come to terms with it


As I sleep the demons speak
I am your anger
I am your hate
I am your sadness


I can't explain this darkness in me
I can't explain the hate
That dwells inside me
I can't explain the pain that consumes me