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~dying Love~

I want to believe in you
And hold on to every word you say
Like how much you say
That you love me

~let Me Go~

Let me go, leave me be
In this love not meant to be
Your broken promises saddened me
My heart is breaking from the strain

~sticks And Stones~

Sticks and Stones may
Break your bones
And words will never hurt you
That is so untrue

~hospital Souls~

The darkness swallows me
My thoughts overwhelming me
This pain suffocating me
Emptiness consuming me

~dark And Light~

I walk down the ally of my darkness
I live in it, I suffocate in it,
I drown in it, I dwell in it
There is a kind of death to every story

Jeanie Leyba Quotes

30 June 2016

Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.

30 June 2016

Evening is meant for reflection. It's the time of day when we instinctively look back on what we accomplished, and entertain new dreams for the future.

01 July 2016

Powerful emotions and experiences are focused on such as the bonds of family the bonds of love, and the bonds of fear and violence. They are all links of karmic energy. On a soul level and not our ego we seek to explore all the aspects of human existence and fulfill our part of the pattern.

02 July 2016

Empathy isn't just listening, it's asking the questions whose answers need to be listened to. Empathy isn't just remembering to say that must really be hard it's figuring out how to bring difficulty into the light.

02 July 2016

Forgive and forget the saying goes Forgive and gently remember may be more realistic. By forgiving, we relinquish our desire to get back at others. We release them from their offenses and release ourselves from grudge-keeping and bitterness.

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