Anger Poems: 469 / 500

A Prisoner's Tale

Rating: 4.8

Its dark and about 3: 00am
everything is quiet, hours past
about 6: 00 or 7: 00 in the morning
the sun's rays invade the lifeless,
slumbered cell, & with the dew's
soft whispering alarms, so is the echoing cursed-enchanting
screams flooding through the cell unit, the whole penitentiary
the walls paint a picture of violence, pain, anger, fear, shame, and false accusations
this is a prisoner's tale
I've seen it all 'in the eyes in the inmates
I've heard it all in the echoing halls
I'm a prisoner
and this is a prisoner's tale

Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Anger Poems: 469 / 500
Egi David Perdana 14 November 2008

hey it's exellent poem, a rosebud hehehe

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Angel (Pepper lyons) 17 October 2008

i remember those depressing..

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Great poem you have...A prisoner's tale, setting the cells, inmates...pointing different angels of a it a victim of justice etc...

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~ Jon London ~ 28 May 2008

Excellent piece, you have delivered this well....great impact '10' best wishes Jon

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Kathy Mckittrick 05 May 2009

you know how to write good poems, keep it up

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brittany 04 May 2009

wow i like this one... shows your passion for writing

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Londiwe Buthelezi 24 April 2009

i like the depiction of raw emotions present in this poem

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djean Whitney 15 April 2009

I felt like I was there, sounds hard to bare. I could not amagen the things that would go throw my ming if I was confind be hind the cell. this is butifuly writen and I love it -good job.

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Breianna Powers 16 January 2009

that was good. i lyked that one mayb ill read another l8ter

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