Jay Boyd Poems

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An Angel's Deadly Kiss

an angel's deadly kiss
tastes so sweet...

An angel's deadly kiss is like a satanic's oasis

How Can You Love Me?

I push you away
i hell you to leave
Yet you wish to stay
How can you love me?

Secrets Of Passion

Shivers and cries
Secrets of passion
Kisses you and lies
Secrets of passion

A Prisoner's Tale

Its dark and about 3: 00am
everything is quiet, hours past
about 6: 00 or 7: 00 in the morning
the sun's rays invade the lifeless,

Between 2 Lines

Lies life or death
between 2 lines
enable grief or happiness
between 2 lines

Just Believe It

I stand just inches away from you but
i feel like i am half way around the world from you
and i can't get any closer to you
@ that moment i run my hand through your hair

I Wish You Were Here

Babe I wish you were here
to hold me in your arms make everything
feel right
Give me comfort

I Love You

I love you
Don’t forget
I love you
That’s just it

I Want To Die

whats the use of living
when all you feel like is dying
how can you feel happy
when youre crying deep inside

A Lonely Man's Prayer

Where shall i wonder
in ten years?
will i still be lonely?
Grow old and weary