Jemarie Ragudo

Jemarie Ragudo Poems

1. Let Wisdom Speak 7/11/2007
2. By Faith 1/31/2017
3. Oracle 10/3/2007
4. River Of Time 7/14/2007
5. If 8/30/2007
6. Rise Up 9/29/2007
7. Mirror On The Wall 6/4/2007
8. Marriage Proposal 6/7/2007
9. Man Without Dreams 7/1/2007
10. Freedom Is For The Dead 5/20/2007
11. A Request 8/16/2007
12. The Devil's Funeral 5/19/2007
13. The Midnight Stranger 5/29/2007
14. Live Long 6/12/2007
15. Footfalls 12/7/2007
16. Men With Mustache 8/15/2007
17. Death Is Not Enough 9/30/2007
18. When You Love Someone 5/30/2007
19. To An Unfaithful Spouse 5/19/2007
20. What Matters Most 5/16/2007
21. Love At First Sniff 6/2/2007
22. You Shall Rise Again 8/25/2007
23. Taming A Woman's Heart 8/1/2007
24. Fools Have Eyes 7/4/2007
25. Love Connections 5/16/2007
26. A Pebble In Your Hand 7/23/2007
27. Cruel Fate 10/23/2007
28. I'Ll Wait No More 5/17/2007
29. Frustrated 6/24/2007
30. How To Make Perfect Instant Coffee 7/22/2007
31. Fathers Don'T Grow Old 6/2/2007
32. An Empty Space 10/28/2007
33. Forever Free 11/10/2007
34. If You Are Here With Me 8/6/2007
35. A Poet Pleads 6/28/2007
36. Faces Of Love 6/12/2007

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  • Patrick McFarland (8/12/2007 9:05:00 AM)

    Anyone who has ever felt the muse of inspiration just out of reach (and that is probably all of us) will relate to this poem. Brilliant how she crafts writers block into a beautiful and well written poem. Ms. Ragudo, you truly have a gift.

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Best Poem of Jemarie Ragudo

A Poet Pleads

Tonight, like many nights before
I sit here hunched over my desk
Pen in hand, a lamp above my head
Waiting for the voice that comes
When earth sleeps and is quiet
Sleepless, I wait for silence
To whisper words I can write
Into verses with rhythmic splendor
That soothe, dance and flirt
With minds of kindred spirit

I feel betrayed for the voice of the night
Failed to speak to me as it did to Frost
Speak now! Wretched voice of the night!
Have mercy and send a mist
For the well spring of this poet’s heart
Is parched and has run dry
Speak now ...

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I'Ll Wait No More

You came with all the splendor of the rising sun,
With the symphony of Mozart in your eyes,
You came like a rain in a dusty summer
And when you spoke, everything went still.

With royal grace you moved about, unknowing
The havoc you caused my mind
I was struck like a thunderbolt… smitten,
Bewitched, and bewildered, my heart lay fallen