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Love here, love there
Love springs everywhere
Love thrills, love excites
Love enchants and delights

Tonight, like many nights before
I sit here hunched over my desk
Pen in hand, a lamp above my head
Waiting for the voice that comes

If I can be a princess
Of kingdoms by the sea
Where knights have wings
And dragons speak to me

We can bind the wind
With cords of fantasy
And keep it still
For a moment

He waits for me
Like royalty
Each day when
I get home

You’re not old, Dad
You got wrinkles
And few hairs
But you’re not old

First, you need a cup of hot water
They say it should be hot as hell
I don’t know, I haven’t been there
Let me just say it should be scalding hot

I waited
Pen held above a blank sheet
I waited, but nothing
I looked around and waited

He looks at me
With eyes that speak
Of bashful admiration
Can I tell him

You came with all the splendor of the rising sun,
With the symphony of Mozart in your eyes,
You came like a rain in a dusty summer
And when you spoke, everything went still.

Two minds
one dream
Two hearts
one love

O man of little wits!
Why gaze upon the sky
And pant for that lovely star above
Of what use is that head above your heart

Fools have eyes, but are blind
They look, but cannot see
For they look with their eyes
And not with their hearts

Tell me of what use
Is man’s conquest of the moon
If he cannot unravel the mystery
Of a woman’s mind

Slowly, as dusk unfolds the
Brilliance of the night sky
When the sun’s majestic glory
Gives way to the dominance

I looked at him
He licked his lips
I touched his hair
He kissed my hand

Dreams unfulfilled
Goals unreached
Success slipping through
fingers outstretched

I guess it’s too late
To say “I should have known”
What a selfish devil you are!

When you love someone
You see the splendor of spring
Burst into life in the magic of his smile.
You sleep with his name in your lips

I sensed the presence in the dark
The filthy body against my back
And though I was just half awake
I felt the roughness stroke my neck

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Faces Of Love

Love here, love there
Love springs everywhere
Love thrills, love excites
Love enchants and delights

Love hurts, love heals
Love gathers and dispels
Love kills, love revives
Love keeps us alive

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Patrick McFarland 12 August 2007

Anyone who has ever felt the muse of inspiration just out of reach (and that is probably all of us) will relate to this poem. Brilliant how she crafts writers block into a beautiful and well written poem. Ms. Ragudo, you truly have a gift.

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