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In the darkest hours of night
I can see a brilliant shining light
It eminates from the thoughts of you
Because you are so loyal and true

You told me one night you had conquered the rift
And if I looked outside I would find your gift
So I looked outside and stared in awe
At the magnificence that before me I saw

In a glen in a forrest
A forrest of old
That in it's time of youth
Whispers of magic were uttered

I miss you
Your own selfish pride
Your hubris and narcissism
Is what made you go away

I am lost
I cannot be found
I am trapped in a labyrinth
With no hope of rebound

You placed me in a cage
A cage with no bars
A cage with no doors
A cage you created in my mind

The soft whispers, the violent screams, the wimpers of self induced pain. My life such a crime that it was wasted on this earth, molested by the winds, raped by the sun, murdered by the fire. I am a victim of this earth, attempting to live and die at the same time.

You cannot tell me how impossible it is to live with a pessimistic attitude. I already know. I am not ignorant, I am not all knowing.
~~ I am trapped ~~

There is nothing left
It has all been stripped away
All except for my tears
And the memories that you've left me

I step outside
Under a confused sky
A strom seems to be abrew
And the elements whisper to me

Through an arduous journey,
A sojourn of seeking,
Enlightenment through the elements,
The gifts of the earth,

As my love's light wains away
My world slowly turns to an ashen grey
Only one offence did I unwillingly commit
When many times you have landed a much harder hit

Crying alone
the rain pours
I lay

I dream every night
And every night my dreams are the same
I dream of sand and time

My pulse quickens
When you look at me
My stomache fills with butterflies
When are simply you near me

Gone from my life
In the blink of an eye
Out of my life

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i enjoy writing poems and short stories. i am a professional photographer by degree but not by profession as i do not have the proper equipment to use to develop my pictures, which i prefer black and white as opposed to color photos. i also am an artist. i like all genres of music except country and hard rap. i like all classical music, classic rock, alternative, modern rock and ambient artists like Enigma, Enya, Sarah McLagchlin, Tori Amos, Delerium, Lorenna McKenett, October Project, and Annie Lennox. i love too many other bands and singers to really name in classic rock and newer stuff to start naming off so i picked the ambient category because there aren't many truely good artists in that genre. but i will say that my young son has learned to love the Beatles, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, & the Doors under my listening to them all and many more. but they are his favorites. i enjoy reading, watching movies and and a few regular TV series as well as educational programs about ancient civilizations, archeology, anthropology, space, theology, and forensics. i enjoy sci-fi and fantasy moies best but a good horror or drama will do just as good, as well as stage classics like Gone With The Wind, Oklahoma, The Sound of Music and especially the Wizard of Oz as it was a truely great movie and my father grew up as a small child knowing Bert Lahr, the man who played the cowardly lion in the movie. my grandfather on my dad's side was a local theatre actor and was good friends with Bert for many years. i coach my son's baseball team (yes i am the only woman coach for a boys team at the league: -) .) i grew up with baseball being regular part of my life. my grandfather on my mother's side was a pitcher for the Philadelphia A's and then when they changed to the Phillies for them for quite some time. he is even referenced in a book about baseball in it's younger professional days. i enjoy nature and the elements. i love to camp, hike, fish and many other outdoor activities. i am honored to be a part of this site and have met some very good people here in the short time i have belonged and value thier friendship. Thank you all for your support and i look forward to continuing being a part of this site....)

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Dreams And Reality

In the darkest hours of night
I can see a brilliant shining light
It eminates from the thoughts of you
Because you are so loyal and true
But as the dawn nears
My mind again clears
And my reality comes back to me
That you and I can never be
We can never be lovers
Cuddling in bed under the covers
You can never be a friend
Because this is where all my dreams end
Tears are already in my eyes as I wake
Because from me all good things fate will take
Never have a lover that fate won't steal
Never a friend that will truely be real
Everytime I think I find one it ends up in strife
Because no one can be a part of my life

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