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Dreams And Reality

In the darkest hours of night
I can see a brilliant shining light
It eminates from the thoughts of you
Because you are so loyal and true

The Bridge That Was Built For Me

You told me one night you had conquered the rift
And if I looked outside I would find your gift
So I looked outside and stared in awe
At the magnificence that before me I saw

The Willow Trees Legacy

In a glen in a forrest
A forrest of old
That in it's time of youth
Whispers of magic were uttered

Without You

I miss you
Your own selfish pride
Your hubris and narcissism
Is what made you go away

I Am Lost

I am lost
I cannot be found
I am trapped in a labyrinth
With no hope of rebound

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i enjoy writing poems and short stories. i am a professional photographer by degree but not by profession as i do not have the proper equipment to use to develop my pictures, which i prefer black and white as opposed to color photos. i also am an artist. i like all genres of music except country and hard rap. i like all classical music, classic roc ...

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