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There's a kiss to say I love you,
There's a kiss to say I care.
There's a kiss to prove our friendship,
There's a kiss for us to share.

You are a great friend
A best friend
I’ll be there when the tears start to fall
And the rays of sunshine hits

Through the eye’s of friendship
The whole of life’s meaning
Can be found…for friendship is
The touchable miracle, the light of passion

Take a small piece of my friendship
And hide it somewhere sweet
Never tell another soul no matter who you meet
Now take this a memory and leave it in the past

The Sweet September Rain
Chased Away The Sun
Darkened Up My Skies
As Sorrow Sweetly Hung

Don't mess with me
I'm alone but strong
Can't you see what you've
Already done

Dreams of a sunny day,
Flowers and a tree.
Remembering all the things,
Through the daytime that I see.

I never knew I had your heart,
Until I broke it
I never knew I had your love,
Until one day I lost it

If I could put a curse on you
I would have a giggle or two

May your shirt be long and wide

Being a friend is hard but true
Not knowing if you’re happy or blue
To know whether to comfort you or not
It’s my job to make you happy when you’re sad

Love changes everything
Hands and faces, earth and sky
Love changes everything
How you live and how you die

Like the devil in his disguise
I'm haunting your every move.
Step by step I walk beside you
deep inside every single groove.

Friendship is like a puzzle,
Each friend you have is a piece.
Some are on the border,
Some are closer to the centre.

We used to be best friends,
The best to be exact.
We thought that it would never end,
We had an unbounded pact.

Let's play a little game
a little game called truth or dare
so what do you say?
you first? OK

This rose expresses my heart,
Which you tore apart,
This is my black rose,
And this is the direction I have chose,

Don't ask me if I'm OK
I'm trying to push you away
Please, just dropp it, and go
If I needed someone, I'd let you know

Stab in the heart
Ive fallen apart
my blood spills
suicide kills

Try looking past what your eyes can see.
Open them up and take a good look at me.

Dont look at my flesh which can always deceive.

If only I could've met you
All those years ago
If I could've loved you
With all my heart and soul.

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There' A Kiss

There's a kiss to say I love you,
There's a kiss to say I care.
There's a kiss to prove our friendship,
There's a kiss for us to share.
There's a kiss to say it's true
But the kiss I love the most,
Is the kiss I get from you.

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Habib 06 September 2020

Very nice poems.

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