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After A Funeral

I missed it all
The whole darned thing is over and done
I had sat there in the front row, facing the simple coffin
And I let it go and pass and end

A Butterfly In Neon Gas

a butterfly in neon gas
flashing candied colors
breathing that which
exhaling that which

Questions Before Afterlife

In afterlife will I see the King
with outstretched arms to me
Or will I sail a ship alone
across tawny sands of memories

Squashed Fat

Like a blobfish without soulful eyes
more orange than white, this pumpkin
takes over my garden
its ridges uneven


There is more than a rippled pane of tinted glass
between air I exhale
and the world I used to live in
under the tree of my childhood on tire swing

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Hassan Hayati 30 April 2019

I found a new way of seeing life and world in Jenny Kalahar's poems, this is one of the aspects that Art needs.

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Indiana poet and novelist. Editor and publisher of Last Stanza Poetry Journal. Publisher for the Poetry Society of Indiana.2 x nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry. Former humor columnist for Tails Magazine. Used and rare bookseller. Leader of Last Stanza Poetry Association. Published in journals. Fan of all animals. Young adult novelist and romantic suspense novelist. Owner of publishing house Stackfreed Press.

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