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18 December 2017

You simply considered My plaintive behavior As simple

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On the land of red tulips, it rains
On the sad night of agony, it rains
Rain, on the holy graves of comrades
On my restless eyes, it rains
My heart eyes, all directions
Each single moment, a daffodil once
And a pansy another time
On the thirsty land of my chest, it rains
Scarlet my face, hopeful my heart
To join the traveled pigeons
Looking desperately for the moment
On the blue ocean of my dreams, it rains
Wash my soul, rain, wash my heart
Give me new life in every single part
I have been pinned, for the severance pain
On the pin leaves, of the pine, it rains
I love you rain, I love you
On the wooden coffin, in the grave yard
On my immortal tomorrow house
On the tomb stone of mine, it rains

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hassan hayati Popularity

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