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On the land of red tulips, it rains
On the sad night of agony, it rains
Rain, on the holy graves of comrades
On my restless eyes, it rains

Today is dark but tomorrow,
Lots of suns and stars
Will bring the light and sweep the sorrow
If and if


The scent of your hair, I Inhale today
To me it seems as roses and daffodils in May
It reaches a year or so you have left
To me it seems decades or a century,

Have you been far from my mind?
Have I been absent in your dreams?

I still survive, I am still alive
Devoting my pride, again and again
Never told you about my deep pain
My plain love and heart

What a strange world
No one is true
No one has faith.

Two love birds, sitting sad in the cage
Viewing the life on every single page
They are all the same for the one in jail
But they try to see the worlds and freedom, even pale

The rule of love
I spoke, I advised
It did not work
I kept mute, did it ever work?

Spreading her silk scarlet hair,
On the ocean's blue chest and bare
The scene might be described in the Genesis
The soft waves curling the long tresses


Once saw a bird in the cage
Singing like a sad opera singer on the stage
Larynx roaring while the Eyes closed
He might be thinking of flying, I supposed

The dominant deer glanced at the herd
A soft wind played in his mane and beard
Stood on a hill brave like a bear
His firm masculine body agile like a bird

I miss the old days, in many hours, in many ways
We went to school on foot
Winter days on the snow, we did play and scoot
Stories were made on the way, every day

The day of freedom finally reached, form the life hook
The last lines of the last page of my life book
If Leaving is hard and harder is the abandonment
But both are somehow sweet at the moment

Avoiding your thoughts towards me
You made me a thoughtless
What a nightmare I am, an endless
Your ravish eyes, Make me disorientated

Under the deep waters of blue oceans,
Once lived a shark
He thought he was the king of the waters,
Without any talk


Deeply disappointed by the failures
And suffered from the defeats
His grandfather, that gold heart,
That white hair, He meets

Sitting on my rocking chair, made by the wood of the old pine
How can I drink this coffee in the glass of mine?
Once the tree was living in the yard ever green
The Birds and Squirrels on the branches were always seen


She was passing the mid forty years of her age
Found some disorders
She was told it was a cancer
I hate remembering the disease

It is the Fathers' day and my father has no dad
He is sad
Sure, he is missing granny, and wants his hand
He can not hide this sorrow, and, he is sad

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On the land of red tulips, it rains
On the sad night of agony, it rains
Rain, on the holy graves of comrades
On my restless eyes, it rains
My heart eyes, all directions
Each single moment, a daffodil once
And a pansy another time
On the thirsty land of my chest, it rains
Scarlet my face, hopeful my heart
To join the traveled pigeons
Looking desperately for the moment
On the blue ocean of my dreams, it rains
Wash my soul, rain, wash my heart
Give me new life in every single part
I have been pinned, for the severance pain
On the pin leaves, of the pine, it rains
I love you rain, I love you
On the wooden coffin, in the grave yard
On my immortal tomorrow house
On the tomb stone of mine, it rains

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You simply considered My plaintive behavior As simple

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