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It has always puzzled me
That the most important liquid
That a person can drink
Is a glass of water

Some people in the world
Don't seem to know the difference
Between work and a hobby
And that can be a problem

Sometime, I think it's funny
When I stop and think
That the way to settle a stomach
Is with a glass of milk

I have what you would call
A very creative mind
I have the ability
To think up amazing things

Don't you just love it
When people would say
That what you are doing
Is just a hobby

I just love it
When people think
That sports are
The only way out

Oh, how I love it
When I have a change of address
And I have to tell everybody
That I have just moved

Don't you always think
About being famous
Or having a fortune
And how grand life would be

It seems everywhere I go
There are a bunch of rules
Like we can't manage ourselves
Like we're little kids

I guess that I will just have to
Accept myself the way I am
And not keep thinking
That I have to be like everyone else

Renewable Energy is
The wave of the future
And, if we don't start developing it
We won't be able to survive

A couple of wild people
Started swinging their arms
And almost hit me
Which would have been bad

It's always nice to get
A friendly note from someone
That you really didn't expect
For something that you did

We fot a funny letter
In the mail yesterday
It said that someone had died
TAhat is very close to me

I felt kind of sad today
At my dads family reunion
I was the youngest one there
And I'm in my fifties

Oh, how I love getting up
In the middle of the night
It is the best time of the night
It is the best time in the world

Don't you just love it
When your doing your hobbies
They seem to be so much fun
They let you escape for a while

I am the one who holds
A copyright on
A drawing of
A renewable energy building

I mand the mistake yesterday
Of introducing myself
In front of some people
That my girlfriend was playing for

Sometimes, one of the toughest things
That we will face in our lives
Is the one that we have to be
Patent with the way things come

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i was injuredd in a car accident when I was 5 years old. I have had many experimental oporations on my legs and was never very good at sports. So, I took up poetry at about 7 years of age and have been writing poetry ever since. I have written over 600 poems and have about 300 more or less on 7 computer discs.

The Best Poem Of Jerry Abrahamson

The Importance Of Water

It has always puzzled me
That the most important liquid
That a person can drink
Is a glass of water

Water has no taste
Or oder or smell you see
But it is important
To our everyday living

It flushes out our system
And helps us to lose weight
It helps us to stay regular
That's the importance of water

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Kumarmani Mahakul 15 May 2020

Jerry Abrahamson is a highly talented poet of high reputation. His poems are truly beautiful and heart touching. I have read and reviewed his poems. I am astonished finding high philosophic essence in Jerry's poems and his each poem is noteworthy and beneficial for the society. His natural perception is automatically reflected in his writings. His poems motivate readers from inner core. May God bring happiness for him! I am wishing him all the best.

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Nia Riz 30 March 2008

love your poems...gooooooooooooooood.....keep it up..! !

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Jerry Abrahamson Popularity

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