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The Guns Of Navarone

The Guns Of Navarone,
never sounded so good,
blamming off walls,
cutting up that sacred ground,

A Late Bird

A late bird, your song flutters, heart to heart.
I see notes hanging from telephone wires,
then falling softly into the deep grass.
And I lay there, staring out of this world,

And I Will Whisper

And I will whisper in your ear,
most any wish you’d like to hear,


The map to small escapes seems too folded, too tightly folded.
I prise a blunt pleat, see a green road, a blue curling streak,
more green, then a mile of coast.
Those old Hessian maps,

I Think I Am Close

I think I am close,
but I am far away,
not miles,
but mental continents.

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First poems written in 2001
A graduate of the school of life
Two children and a wayward pencil
to support
Jerry Pike

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