Jerry Pike Poems

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The Guns Of Navarone

The Guns Of Navarone,
never sounded so good,
blamming off walls,
cutting up that sacred ground,

A Late Bird

A late bird, your song flutters, heart to heart.
I see notes hanging from telephone wires,
then falling softly into the deep grass.
And I lay there, staring out of this world,

And I Will Whisper

And I will whisper in your ear,
most any wish you’d like to hear,


The map to small escapes seems too folded, too tightly folded.
I prise a blunt pleat, see a green road, a blue curling streak,
more green, then a mile of coast.
Those old Hessian maps,

I Think I Am Close

I think I am close,
but I am far away,
not miles,
but mental continents.

Carrot Cake

He buys the weekly cake,

slices, and shelves it in the lonely fridge.

A Life In The Day

A Life In The Day

Up before the pride sets in, darkness crawls and twists,
devils of the mind erupt, bind you by the wrists.

I Cried

I cried the stars that lit no sky
I poured my heart like sand
I watched from balconies of hope
as smiles seeped through my hand

Don'T Fall In Love

Don't fall in love with no one
for no one hurts like hell,
their touch is nonexistent
their aura blind as well.


The seagulls caught me,
counting my curses
like a dead man,
talking in mental replies