Jessica Canerday Poems

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Pretty Boy Hates Every Beautiful Day

All the girls love him
All the guys wish to be like him
But pretty boy hates every beautiful day
Star of the baseball team

Into My Eyes

You took me by surprise
when I stared into your eyes
making me see
how you can be

How I Feel

I wish I could tell you how I feel
How I've always felt
Alas, you wouldn't listen to me
You never did

My Unreal Reality

This life I live is so unreal
It seems as if i never feel
anything except for sorrow
Maybe it will get better tomorrow


Lord you took my love away from me
I knew that we were meant to be
You left me with nothing
Nothing but a broken heart

Memorys Of Mat

We smell of weed and cigarettes
And for some reason I've became attached
To the smell and all the sexual acts
Everything you did became everything I'd do

Dying Hearts

I wish to hear the words you say
But each wish dies at the dawn of every day
Dying wishes and dying love
Dying hearts with wings like doves

My Little Rose

In the storm
Stands the white rose
tumultuous waves
of destruction abound her

Fictious Love

Your body pressed against mine this starry night
This one night of drunken passion
Your eyes are sparkling as bright as the moonlight
This night is the night I love

Temporary Fix

I'm just your temporary fix for the times when she isn't around
The times for when nothing but pleasure can make you not feel so down
I'll do anything for you anytime any place
But when she comes around you only notice her face