Jessica LaDuron

Rookie (December 15,1993-December 15,1993 / Milwaukee)

Jessica LaDuron Poems

1. Untitled 2 7/16/2008
2. The Darkness Surrounding Me 3/8/2009
3. Untitled 3/24/2008
4. Pain 3/24/2008
5. Help 3/24/2008
6. Shame 4/3/2008
7. Suffocation 4/7/2008
8. Hurt 4/14/2008
9. Jessica Laduron 5/7/2008
10. Poem Fer My Mum 5/10/2008
11. Beaten 3/26/2008
12. Death 3/24/2008
13. None 1 3/24/2008
14. Little Emo Girl 4/3/2008
15. Loved, Yet Unloved 9/8/2008
16. Nothing 3/24/2008
17. Left Standing 3/24/2008
18. Friends 3/24/2008
19. The World Has Gone Insane 4/3/2008
20. Living Up To Expectations 3/24/2008
21. I Live In Fear 3/24/2008
22. A New Life 5/10/2008
23. Crying 4/3/2008
Best Poem of Jessica LaDuron


the tears that i have cried for you,
could fill a whole ocean,
and yet there would still be more.
i have cried when i thought no one was looking,
and sometimes i just cry in a crowd,
my emotions hold me back,
and yet it feels like you will never love me again
i was going to wait for you,
because my heart was stretched to the limit,
i thought that i could hold you,
but all you did was overflow into a puddle,
my life has become meaningless,
and i constantly wait for the phone to ring,
hoping, praying,
that it will be your sweet voice, ...

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friends are supposed to be there for you
in good
and in bad
sure, you'll have a fight here and there
not talking for a week or so
then you make up
but you find out,
she's been talking behind your back
telling everyone you're a slut,

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