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Nature is mighty
Nature is strong
Nature is usually always right
Nature is rarely ever wrong

Life is a challenge -meet it
Life is a gift -accept it
Life is a sorrow-overcome it
Life is a tragedy-face it

I love you for many reasons
big and small
all of them are wonderful
I love you for all those special qualities that make you a one of a kind

Suicide is wishing I were dead
suicide is deep in my head,
suicide thoughts are cutting my wrists burning my ankles,
suicide my last tear dry, suicide.

You were a dear friend to me but the angles told me
it was time for you to leave me.
I told them it was a mistake but
they just shook their heads and said “no way”

My brother is so annoying
My brother gets so mad
My brother drives me so crazy
It makes me ten times more mad

My suicide note is short and sweet,
my suicide note is not soon to meet,
my suicide note is not a sign of defeat,
my suicide note is just incomplete,

Runaway Child, don’t have to take it anymore
just walk out of that door
no more chances to take
it’s your choice to make

I hope my brother learns to stay
I hope he will find away
I hope he will stay forever
I hope until I’m 20 or better

O father o father your never a bother even though you’re my only father
o father o father
your always there
o father o father

anger is anger
anger makes you scream
anger makes you hate
anger takes control

when i was born i wrap my figure around your pointer figure i will never forget thoughts memory,
think of thoughts happy tears we have shared,
i will remember you even when im scared,
i miss the heart to heart talks we have had,

when I die I wanna go to way under
cuz I’m a piece of work it aint hard to tell I don’t make since going to heaven
with goody goodies dressed in white I like black hoodies god would
probably have me on the bad list anyways don’t no way because

As I drag the razor,
I feel the relief,
the moment I started after awhile the moment it ended
because of to make things Worse to make me loose it,

i woke up sick in bed
my stomach has a stabbing pain
thats spreading to my head my knees are weak and achy
my eyes are full of flu,

I might not be someone's first choice,
but I am a great choice.
I may not be rich but I am valuable.
I don't pretend to be someone I'm not,

Suicide isn’t funny so don’t try it,
suicide can be quick it can be slow,
its is long and painful,
suicide never calming,

my baby
At first you moved, only a little.
I could always find you, right in the middle.
As time went on, you really started to grow.


I sits all alone.
I have so much to say but I don’t.
as I sit in that corner all alone my whole life
Watching others carry on with their lives.

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im Jessica Lee Workman I started to write poetry when i was in 6th grade and its was the best thing that ever happen to me....I love working with disable children and teenagers and I worked in Lake City High School lunchroom and worked with autism too and I love taking care of my great grandma and my dad and im going to college to be a IBI social worker and I like to also walk dogs and train cats and dogs to help peoples with disability and I really love to go on long long walks and go rock picking and sit down on the big rocks by the water and relax and I love to listen to music and take pictures and play my guitar and piano and I also write from the heart and I love to be in quiet zones and I hate the loud sounds and I love to sing and go to church and I hate to talk.....I would actually would like to study and do something with my life and I also got two books published and I would Love to have spend time with my family but there not interested or have time with me...but that is okay I have my head game friends if there nice and I also like to observe people and I dont TRUST every easy unless there are papers signed with confidentiality)

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Nature is mighty
Nature is strong
Nature is usually always right
Nature is rarely ever wrong
Nature is beauty
Nature is moody
Nature is smart
Nature always has the greater part
Nature is blue
Nature is green
Nature is every color possibly seen
Nature is dreaming
Nature is in every place
Nature is always with grace
Nature is true
Nature is me
Nature will forever be free

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John Shea 09 September 2012

Jessicca I like your poetry and know where you are coming from. I, m just an old chunk of coal but love my critters and write about my friends animal surmise so pleease read courtneys love or duke and feathered tears.thank you, Pup

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