Jessica Lowe

Rookie (13 July 1993)

Jessica Lowe Poems

1. Optimism Is Refreshing; 6/9/2009
2. Chin Up, Baby 6/9/2009
3. Silent Screaming; 6/9/2009
4. My Heart, My Dear 6/9/2009
5. You'Ve Awakened Me; 6/9/2009
6. Sway, Sway; 7/7/2009
7. From A Woderland To A Neverland; 7/9/2009
8. Lovesick Lullabies, (Song) 7/9/2009
9. Gone. (Old) 7/10/2009
10. Searching For Me; 7/10/2009
11. My Fix; 9/20/2009
12. Land Of Lullabies; 9/20/2009
13. Endless Butterflies; 9/23/2009
14. Dear Mr. Butterfly 6/8/2009
15. 1000 Stars 6/9/2009
16. Tiny Little Soldier Boys; 7/9/2009
17. You Don'T Care. (Song) 7/9/2009
18. Broken. 6/9/2009
19. Keep Me Safe; 3 11/27/2009
20. Never Doubt I Love; 7/1/2009
Best Poem of Jessica Lowe

Never Doubt I Love;

You came and found me,
When I was struggling and drowning,
Being pulled down by the careless and crashing waves,
Gasping for air, not wanting to care;
And just as I thought it was about to end, I was saved
Oh darling, you were so brave;

You pulled me to shore,
Drowning was I no more;
You checked all my vitals,
And to most I looked fine,
But you seemed to know better,
And you picked through my mind.

Opening me up,
Just like an old book,
That has always been shut,
You went and had a look.
And as my tears soon fell,
You ...

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Optimism Is Refreshing;

You may have meant nothing to her
But you’re more than she deserves
Don’t be so hard on yourself
This can’t be good on your health
If you let me I could help you move on
If you let me I can help you be strong
You will never have to worry anymore
You could shut, deadbolt and lock that old door
Open a new one and start a fresh

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