The Bungee Jump

Rating: 5.0

(Highest bungee jump bridge, Bloukrans at 216M, S. Africa)

Below a bridge a platform stands
where you can jump and put faith in the promised land.
Attached to your legs a very long cord
without which your life would end on a stony floor.
Thought troubles my mind that's for sure
but, alas, I've run out of time and cannot pause.
With a gentle hand I'm pushed out over the edge
and face the one thing I most dread.
Falling slowly at first then going faster and faster
I close my eyes as I'm sure it'll end up in disaster.
Suddenly around my feet I feel a pull
the cord that was wrapped now slowing the fall.
Relief I open my eyes, but see a fuzziness there
for my eyes have bulged making a wide stare
My belt has come undone and trousers starting to slip
slowly moving downwards every time I bounce, over my hip
It wasn't long before they were round my knees
now I'm bouncing up and down, my dangling bits waving in the breeze!

Saturday, February 28, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: funny