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tracing back the steps of my youth
cycling along what was the old tram route
and now is a park
into the city I grew up in

one elliptic course of the earth around the sun
equals by convention one year - down here
another elliptic course of a different world
around its own distant sun

I started fighting them late this year
and what with the mild winter and dry summer
they are everywhere now
the thing has gone out of hand this time

the bottom drawer
is this where i should hide you?
deep down there
between all the empty shells

'one man's lust is the other's pain' -
right, and it seems
as if there was a fixed amount
of good and bad vibrations

if, in fact, you imagine a line
from the soles of your feet
down into the ground
through the earth's crust

we had meant all the things we said
and all the words that were sung in our names
once I did - both -

the gravity of planets spinning
intertwined galaxies keeping their distance
myself: - firmly rooted and yet endlessly striving
expanded between the comforting earth

My mind works best when my hands are busy.
So I open the window to the damp rainy air
which slowly replaces the kitchen stink
the smell of sixteen-hundred frying meatballs

all presents exchanged
all good wishes said
all fireworks burnt down.

all curled up
fetal and weeping

don't despair

events repeating themselves
again and again
a framework to hold on to

I am a dreamer
I go through the motions of
- doing my job
- talking to people

someone - should he be called a friend? -
losing his center, the core of his being
tossed from it by the current of events and those producing them,
diverging further and further

i get up in the morning
look into the mirror
who is it today?
getting dressed

quiet evening mood
with all those forgotten souls
nourishing the soil above them
fallen crosses and angels

Reality bites
those that are unfortunate enough,
inattentive and not alert
to carefully placing their steps.

the velvet underground -
the sound and the surface
another dolby surround dream
loud and clear

there are many ways to get a grip on reality
- erasing all our relationships
- conquering nature
- influencing your own organism

Show me a heartful of love, anywhere,
and I'll try to start believing in this world again
but you won't find it,
at least not where we are

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trying to live here and now - 'I don't look back much as a rule' -)

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Walking With A Ghost

tracing back the steps of my youth
cycling along what was the old tram route
and now is a park
into the city I grew up in
the coffe shop we used to hang out in
to pass the time till school was officially over
the tree we met at and climbed
the stream we lay down next to
the street corner we were busted on by cops
so long ago
and though I arrive in the present at some point
- visiting an exhibition,
spending too much time in the museum's shop,
buying postcards, looking at books -
I feel I'm walking with a ghost today

there is so much to remind me here
and although I have never really liked this town
I get all melancholic
and take a little detour
to once again see the deserted swimming pool in winter
and to my absolute surprise
there is an open door! !
but apart from that
everything is just like it used to be
way back when we weren't ghosts
but alive & kicking

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