Joe Rosochacki

Joe Rosochacki Poems

81. Corn Cobs, Berlitz Books And Cigar Wrappers, Oh My! Or Please Squeeze The Charmin! 8/11/2009
82. Cowabunga Catholic? Aka How Does An Imaginary Character Fit Into The Dogma Of The Roman Catholic Church? 10/25/2010
83. Crackheads Heads Up 5/11/2009
84. Cre(Ating) (The) Flo(W) (Of) Dollar(S) Part Ii 3/27/2015
85. Csi Mcdonald Land Or A Game Of “clue” (In The Background Is Music By The Who And Who Was Hated By A Dettloff Named Sue 5/9/2009
86. Csi: Nassau, Um- Make That Nasa 7/17/2010
87. Curb Your (Jewish-American Related) Enthusiasm 11/5/2009
88. Dad 6/19/2011
89. Daschle Or No Daschle 5/5/2009
90. Dateline 5/11/2009
91. Day After D-Day 6/7/2011
92. Dead Man Standing? 5/9/2009
93. Debit Cards Only 5/6/2009
94. Defying Gravity Is Sinking 9/15/2009
95. Detroit Lions Are Headed For The Super-Bowl 5/6/2009
96. Devo De-Evolving 5/17/2009
97. Dinoland Aka Federal Correction Institution, Edgefield, South Carolina Or What You Say The Earth Is Round? 8/11/2009
98. Do Tell Mattel 5/2/2009
99. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? 5/11/2009
100. Do You Want Jelly Or Jam On Your Toast For Barackfast? Aka Barack Of Ages 5/8/2009
101. Dog Gun It! 5/17/2009
102. Don’t Ask, Do Tell At Wal-Mart 5/5/2009
103. Don’t Cry For Me Appalachia! (Aka) Maria, I’ve Just Met A Girl Known As Maria 6/25/2009
104. Dr. Death Is Running For Congress 5/5/2009
105. Dr. Frankenstein, I Presume? Or Calling Dr. Eduard Wirths, Dr.Josef Mengele, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine 12/22/2009
106. Dr. Kildare Me? Aka Dr. Kevorkian Cocktail 5/2/2009
107. Driven To Distraction 5/12/2009
108. Dubious Death In Damascus 8/22/2013
109. Duchess Ellington 5/7/2011
110. Dumb And Dumber (And The Dumbest) 5/3/2009
111. Dump Trump 7/8/2015
112. Dyncorp, Who In The Hell Are You? 5/3/2009
113. Ebony And Ivory, Chocolate And Vanilla, It’s Grey To Me 5/12/2009
114. Episode 4: Masterminds Need Not Apply (When Will It Ever End?) 9/20/2009
115. Episode V: The Return Of Masterminds Need Not Apply 10/21/2009
116. Episode Vi: Masterminds Need Not Apply 11/17/2009
117. Error On No.25, Bonds 5/17/2009
118. Escargot In, (Rather On) Your Face! 12/20/2009
119. Estv (Elementary School Transvestism) 5/10/2009
120. Euro Vs. Ruble Or Once A Split Germany Soon To Be Split Ukraine 3/1/2014
Best Poem of Joe Rosochacki

A Dead Hand

You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you're sittin at the table.
There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealins' done.

David Reese too young to fold,
David Reese a popular jack of all trades when it came to poker,
The bluffing,
the betting,
the skill that he played poker,
- was his ace of his sleeve.
He played poker without deuces wild,
not needing Jokers.
To bad his lungs were not flushed out for him to breathe,
Was is the casino smoke? ...

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Ode To The Bird

How people flocked to see him pitch.
He was tall and lanky, fidgety, a Detroit Tiger was known as the ‘Bird’.
How sorely he will be missed.
He was often described as eccentric, crazy, de-de-de and in fact weird.
I often would see him on the TV on Tiger Baseball with Al Kaline,
- or listen WJR-760’s Ernie Harwell for a switch,
My dad seemed to be amused by you,
His viewpoint was shared by a lot; more than a few.
Call it superstition, not to be confused with another Detroit superstar,

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