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What I’ve We Done With The Pain-, And Loss?

Did the loss of love, opportunity and dear ones stop us......:
...embracing the complexities and paradox of life with joy and passion?
....from dancing on the pavement, to the music of the rain and wind, under the stars?
....reaching out to those in want and need witholding our compassion, wisdom-, and hope for a better next time round?

4 At Dusk, They Join The Circle dusk, at times
they arrive, the wolf pack
they came in stealth, silenty and quitely. just suddenly here
...knowing their purpose and my role

Footprints, And Reflections Of Places Past

Some people come into our lives and quickly go, while others stay awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Aching, Needy And Yearning To Belong

aching, needy and yearning....
..for that alusive and inconcieveable place in space and time
....where it is possible to have it all there such a place, where we can have it all?

Jy....., En Ek! Hoe Te Bemin

Ek wil sit en verdrink in die sielvolle dieptes van jou oë; met my lippe saggies en ferm op joune jou geur en siel indrink; en verdwaal in die engele sang van jou bekoorlike stem; my met wellus vergryp aan die sensuele kurwes-, en beweeg van jou lyf, en lippe, en die kuiltjie in jou mond hoek…...en jy die mens met siel en intellek wat kan toor met woorde en drome gestalt in dialoog - oorspronklik die diep sielvolle jy wat in my dag drome loop

Ek wil my tong en lippe en asem laat streel soos 'n sagte koel-warm briesie oor elke millimeter van jou lyf en vel. Deur dit te beweeg- en te laat raak aan jou aora, die energie veld en ligaams hare se punte.

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Spend few years in orphanage with brother and sisters. Soldier, programmer, manager, consultant, floral farmer, and restauranteer... Welcome to my garden.. and if you wish rate the poetry please..

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