John A. Hancock Poems

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A Candle In The Window

I left a candle in the window
A shinning light for you to see
When the veil of sadness around the has lift'd
In the hope it will guide you back to me

The Pleasure Of Knowing You

The river sweetly sang to me
An enchanting song I long'd to hear
Urging the sleeping forest to awaken
Calling forth all the wild flowers to appear


Here we are again
Both of us wondering
What to do what to say
A paradox romance

Sonnet # 30 Missing You

I heard not the sound of your voice
That sweet song I long to hear
Of that melody which be'stills my heart
Not a single note do I hear

A Summer's Rain

I am not afraid to say
That I love a summer's rain
To listen to the pitter-patter of rain drops
Splash lightly upon the window panes

Morality's Child

I ponder the day I confront'd light
When from the dark seclusion in which I lay
Twas pull'd forth from nature's cradle of creation
To breathe the very air of rejection that fateful day

Sonnet # 48 The First Snowflake

Held aloft by the angry winter winds
A single speck of white it falls
Gently doth it ride the rising currents
To no particular place at all

Ode To Jane

Like a flower blooms in spring
Bursting forth into life
Did she before my eyes appear
An o'er flourishing delight

John Clare (1793-1864)

Of poverty's bane a timid boy reaped
The poetic Clare knew only grief
Illness condemning a family to parish relief
Potatos and gruel kind charity's meat

An Ode To Autunm

Death becomes beauty when autumn
Kisses the forest trees
Creating a sea of brilliant colours
As far as the eye can see

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