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I left a candle in the window
A shinning light for you to see
When the veil of sadness around the has lift'd
In the hope it will guide you back to me

I listen'd as the river gently flow'd
A sweet soothing melody doth it play
Whispering sounds of nature to me
Whilst beneath the warming sun I lay

The river sweetly sang to me
An enchanting song I long'd to hear
Urging the sleeping forest to awaken
Calling forth all the wild flowers to appear

Here we are again
Both of us wondering
What to do what to say
A paradox romance

I heard not the sound of your voice
That sweet song I long to hear
Of that melody which be'stills my heart
Not a single note do I hear

I am not afraid to say
That I love a summer's rain
To listen to the pitter-patter of rain drops
Splash lightly upon the window panes

I ponder the day I confront'd light
When from the dark seclusion in which I lay
Twas pull'd forth from nature's cradle of creation
To breathe the very air of rejection that fateful day

Held aloft by the angry winter winds
A single speck of white it falls
Gently doth it ride the rising currents
To no particular place at all

Like a flower blooms in spring
Bursting forth into life
Did she before my eyes appear
An o'er flourishing delight

Of poverty's bane a timid boy reaped
The poetic Clare knew only grief
Illness condemning a family to parish relief
Potatos and gruel kind charity's meat

Death becomes beauty when autumn
Kisses the forest trees
Creating a sea of brilliant colours
As far as the eye can see

Again my lips they hath betray'd
My heart that lies within
Spoke I too soon at hope's behest
Once more the fool I've been

Let bloom your fragrant garden
Velvet petals unfurling rose buds to explore
All my senses o'er whelm'd by scent'd treasure
As I knock with a sweet kiss upon thy silky door

Gently, gently shall I kiss thy lips
For thou hast a taste I can't resist
Sweet like honey and red like wine
Tis that budding rose passion doth define

Of visions glean'd o'er years gone by
Behind twitching lashes closed in sleep
Lie shadows of an ill used life
In abundent dreams of grief

Of Love's immortal song it sings
When two hearts beat as one
An o'er flourish'd melody
Hope and dreams for decades sung

Nights seem endless whilst winter reigns
How such a dreary season can carry on
Making droll dawn's rising sun
When nary a bird the morning greets in song

My love for thee springs eternal, thy beauty
Be as the flowers that bloom brightly upon a summers day
For thou art lovely as a meadow's breeze my love
Soft and delicate as the gentle rains in May

Her eyes were dark jet black like coal
Fill'd with passion and desire
Like glowing embers they slowly burn'd
Helplessly I was drawn to their mystic fire

Thou art like a pretty flower amongst the weeds
A rare orchid to adore
One sight of thee be'stills my heart
Truly a poet's essense of amour

John A. Hancock Biography

I have been writing Poetry and songs most of my life But it has been only over this last decade that my out put of poems, stanzas, ballads, and sonnets has greatly increased I also collect old books, my oldest from 1686 I have also collect'd nearly all of the classical poets in book form 99% being from the 19th century Please feel free to read my poems and I hope you will enjoy them as I do yours)

The Best Poem Of John A. Hancock

A Candle In The Window

I left a candle in the window
A shinning light for you to see
When the veil of sadness around the has lift'd
In the hope it will guide you back to me
I know to well the pain your feeling
When the past it won't let go
When voices are still repeating
The hurtful words heard from long ago
Every single poem I have written
From my heart to thee be true
Each kiss when we made sweet love together
Twas a symbol of my undying love for you
So don't be frighten cause your feeling
For this time it is okay
Let me help you turn away the past
And to love your pain away

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