John Carter Brown

John Carter Brown Poems

1. You Could 8/13/2012
2. What You Say 8/15/2012
3. Nodding Off 8/15/2012
4. My Different Poem 8/14/2012
5. Weston-Super-Mare 8/15/2012
6. Having A Bath 8/16/2012
7. The Tale Of Thomas Fell 8/16/2012
8. The Grand British Brew 8/16/2012
9. Spelling 8/16/2012
10. I Got Spots 8/16/2012
11. Picture Of A Little Boy 8/16/2012
12. My Photograph 8/17/2012
13. Christmas Again 8/17/2012
14. The Sailor And The Market Man 8/17/2012
15. Revenge Is Sweet 8/17/2012
16. Sam's Ring 8/17/2012
17. The Car Wouldn'T Start 8/17/2012
18. Innocent 8/17/2012
19. An Alliterative Lament 8/17/2012
20. How Slow 8/17/2012
21. The Meeting 8/17/2012
22. Soon Be Summer 8/17/2012
23. Crazy Tradesmen Rhymes No1 8/17/2012
24. Ethel Winterbottom 8/19/2012
25. Crazy Tradesmen Rhymes No3 8/20/2012
26. I'M Not An Ape Man 8/21/2012
27. James Crawford-King Junior 8/21/2012
28. Learning About Chickens 8/21/2012
29. The Lottery Monster 8/24/2012
30. The Char 8/24/2012
31. Such Sorrow 8/24/2012
32. Limerick 001 8/24/2012
33. Limerick 002 8/24/2012
34. Limerick 003 8/24/2012
35. Frank's Lump 8/24/2012
36. The Ballad Of Ronnie Dunwoody 8/24/2012
37. Enigma Of The Knight 8/25/2012
38. The Ballad Of Norman Jack And Billy 8/22/2012
39. Our Dave 8/22/2012
40. The Old Coal Fire 8/22/2012

Comments about John Carter Brown

  • Richard Beevor (5/8/2014 11:16:00 AM)

    a hole in my sock, yes i know that problem well, thanks for a very entertaining poem

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  • Susan Slocumb (4/15/2014 10:50:00 AM)

    I like how this almost follows the rhythm of not a creature was stirring.. nice one.

  • Smoky Hoss (10/31/2012 2:22:00 PM)

    If you want to read some genuinely good poems, that will make you glad you did, read John's! Very enjoyable, a pleasure to read, always. So many of them have made my dad brighter and better.

  • Ellias Anderson Jr. Ellias Anderson Jr. (9/2/2012 1:39:00 AM)

    well dear John the poems those you write are the funniest and the cutesiest works when ever i have read. your arts contain fragrant nice stories that just make smile on our lips. thank you because of your brilliant works.
    My best regrades Sir John Carter Brown.

Best Poem of John Carter Brown

Poem For V.E. Day

Victory in Europe
Fifty years ago;
To some it doesn't mean a thing,
It happened long ago.

It's just a thing they talk about,
Those old men down the street;
Todays kids cannot understand,
They never felt the heat.

They never knew the torment,
The heartache, pain and death;
They've never seen a soldier
That's fighting for his breath.

The victory in Europe
Was certainly hard won
For who lost a brother,
A father or a son;

For men who gave the ultimate
Upon some foreign land;
A poppy for a head-stone
Now growing in ...

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You Could

You could, and you should,
If you did, did you 'dould '
Is this sentence confusing your brain?
If it's not then it's clear
That you're like Edward Lear,
Either that or you're going insane.

Written July 1994

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