John Lars Zwerenz

John Lars Zwerenz
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Queens College of the City University of New York, English,  Graduate Student  |  Poetry
John Lars Zwerenz is an impressionistic, classical poet. He is currently one of the best selling poets in The United States.  He is also considered the most important new literary figure in the world, both internationally and in Th ...
Popular Poems
A Gypsy's Life
A gypsy am I, as I rove on the downy dale;
Aside from the taverns, the fields are my only vale.
I drink from my carafe a fairy-fermented brew,
And I dream of fair love, beneath a radiant sky of blue.
Ladies And Men

The window box looks down below
To the avenue where young ladies pass
An Angel's Song
An Angel's Song

We ventured out in the gray of night,
On amber furrows beneath linden trees,
The morn is giving birth
To the dawn- yet to reign, still budding, undone.
Shall you play the earth,
And me the sun? -
I wove my verses in a cluster of purple stars,
While dreaming on the meadow in the tender, April rain.
A mendicant, I wandered to the outskirts of the plain,
And I slept in the glow of a campfire's bars.
Popular Quotes
17 January 2015
Poetry devoid of music is life devoid of air.
17 January 2015
It is in the sacred realm of ethereal silences where secrets are revealed.
22 January 2015
Air, food, shelter, clothing and water are the means of life. Yet, next to the love of God and others, it is art that we live for.
12 March 2015
Most of my poetry was written on the road, far away from my boyhood home in New York City. I lived in abject poverty most of the time, depending on the generosity of strangers and friends. Most of my verse was composed in fields, in furrows, on beaches, in graveyards, in wooded lands and in between my returns to New York City, the majority of my rhyme was written in far away places such as Paris, London, California, much of New England, Florida and The Midwest. My first published book, 'Selected Poems' was written in Europe over two years. I composed a volume of verse never published to this day while I lived in Paris entitled 'Parisian Verse'. The majority of my poetry composed since I was in High School to the present day has never been published. In addition to 'Selected Poems' I have published over 500 poems in seven subsequent volumes.
19 March 2015
Did you all not know that agony and sufferings are the path that is paved to Paradise? Did you all not know that every tear shed upon the earth shall be transformed into an eternal crown of glory? Have the courage to feel your pain, and an infinity of definitive happiness shall be your reward forever.


John Zwerenz 27 July 2020
In " John Lars Zwerenz The Complete Anthology" an incredible encyclopedia of over 800 pages comprised of the best poetry ever written and assembled in one book, Zwerenz decidedly accomplishes a triumphant body of poetic heights never seen before in the annals of the western world. Diane Weil, Boston, MA
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Jim Bradley 27 July 2020
In " John Lars Zwerenz The Complete Anthology" a veritable encyclopedia of over 800 pages comprised of the best poetry ever written and assembled in one book, Zwerenz decidedly accomplishes a triumphant body of poetic heights never seen before in the annals of the western world.
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John Lars Zwerenz 25 July 2020
YOUR LIFE When the redolent breezes kiss your hair Where we recline upon the wine scented chair In the regal courtyard As the rain begins to fall I love you ever more As your bard, Your Life to me is all and all. And as the nascent night Ascends with stars of white Glittering like diamonds upon your sable gaze of gilded gold, I become enraptured in love Instilled with concertos from above.
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You are truly a very colorful poet. You've set the Muse on fire with in me.Love your poetry!
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James Bradley 05 April 2020
The immaculate verses of American poet John Lars Zwerenz will far outlast the lives of all of us.
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John Lars Zwerenz 21 March 2020
With all due respect to the late, celebrated Maya Angelou, she had more grammatical errors in her poems than there are sands on the beaches.
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Stacy Brant 09 March 2020
WWWWW is truly aweful.
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WWWWWWWWW 15 February 2020
These poems are truly dreadful.
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dvssdvsvd 27 January 2020
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James Bradley 16 November 2019
I know of no more of a gifted poet than America's own John Lars Zwerenz.
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Cindy Steward 16 April 2019
John Lars Zwerenz is my favorite poet. Period.
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Diane Weil, Ph.D. 08 October 2018
John Lars Zwerenz is the best of our American poets since Maya Angelou. His verses are romantic, yet at the same time highly impressionistic, and his pen is always straight and on the mark.
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Veronica Grimaldi 19 April 2016
John Lars Zwerenz is the best contemporary poet in America. Veronica Grimaldi
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Leann Howard 24 February 2016
John Lars Zwerenz is without any doubt the greatest poet of the 21st Century, by miles. His verse is without flaw, always astonishing, and I have read all of his works. LeAnn Howard
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