Ladies And Men Poem by John Lars Zwerenz

Ladies And Men

Rating: 4.9


The window box looks down below
To the avenue where young ladies pass
On concrete lanes, next to patches of grass,
In the gilded gold of the summer’s glow.

The apple cart, upon the street dips,
Topples over, and a crimson scent
Of fresh, ripe fruit, so redolent,
Makes the young ladies pucker their lips.

The shopkeepers, the salesmen and the cops
Pretend not to notice when a neckline drops,
Nor to admire the softness of a lady’s arms-
Just as women fake indifference each day
To the sight of muscular charms-
That masculine display.

For the female eye is always hungrier
Than any manly or bestial gaze;
With insatiable lust, they make sure to appear
To ascribe to proper ways
(While they secretly leer
At the menfolk all the nights and days.)

One blond coquette
With her parasol
Looks like a doll
In the luncheonette,
Smiling at a princely squire
Who as a gentlemen
Must return the grin,
Whole, entire.

Edward Kofi Louis 11 May 2017

Upon the street dips! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Tom Allport 11 May 2017

a nicely descriptive poem of daily goings on under the warmth of the summer's sun? ...........well penned

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Bernard F. Asuncion 11 May 2017

Summer's glow.... congrats on being chosen....a big 10++++++

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John Zwerenz 20 March 2014

Thank you, Susan. You're an honest woman. And a perspicacious one too. I wish you the best of everything. John

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Susan Lacovara 14 March 2014

You have quite the poet's eye, capturing the flash of glances in the everyday, often unnoticed world rushing by. Thanks for the peer inside. Well done! As a New Yorker myself, I relate to the pictures you paint ever so vivid. PEACE

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O Poet Me Poety 21 December 2017

For the female eye is always hungrier very well said I have toured USA vast and other world cities fast and i also have come to the same conclusion men love lower lips women mostly upper come my dear poet let's have supper AH LOL OR RFLOL American style

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Ratnakar Mandlik 11 May 2017

Must return the grin, whole entire. Congrats on the member poet of the Day,

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Christina Simmons 11 May 2017

I didn't like this poem: it made me kinda angry? ? ? Stirred up some really annoying emotions! However it seemed to have been written in an insightful manner.

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John Richter 11 May 2017

Absolutely awesome Poem! Very well done sir. I think you captured the nature of the human animal quite elegantly...

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A keen eye on the avenue where ladies pass! A critical appraisal of women!

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John Lars Zwerenz

John Lars Zwerenz

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