A Gypsy's Life Poem by John Lars Zwerenz

A Gypsy's Life

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A gypsy am I, as I rove on the downy dale;
Aside from the taverns, the fields are my only vale.
I drink from my carafe a fairy-fermented brew,
And I dream of fair love, beneath a radiant sky of blue.

I carry within my satchel a book of romantic rhyme;
I wield it when I may, and write as I did of old: -
Of a sable-haired girl, whose gaze is of a raven-gold.
Her dress is white and long, and her hair is of an elysian clime.

I am struck by visions beside the lane,
On starry October nights, laved by the autumn rain,
And I sleep beneath the myrtles, musing on her kiss.

I have searched for her in ethereal bliss.
I have seen her face in dreams, wandering on the shore,
And the specter of her beauty, passing on the moor.


Rajnish Manga 20 February 2016

The reader is enamored by the captivating looks of the poet's 'fair love' from a fantasy land: I have searched for her in ethereal bliss. I have seen her face in dreams

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John Zwerenz 20 February 2016

The word Fantasy indicates that which is contrived or invented apart from what is real, and / or based upon empirical evidence. Knowledge can be ascertained beyond the limited confines of our five senses, beyond what is merely tangible. One who has no belief in a spiritual realm within this universe will always dismiss profound private revelations as concocted fantasies. Your comments are further proof of these facts. In addition, it is apparent to me that within your mind fair love is yet another fairy tale, and to you the most profound and beautiful aspects of existence have no existence at all. Seek and you shall find, my friend. Knock and it shall be answered. John Lars Zwerenz

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M Asim Nehal 20 February 2016

A nice poem with great imagery and a lifestyle of Gypsy well explored.

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John Zwerenz 20 February 2016

Thank you, Mohammed. You are most kind and gracious. John Lars Zwerenz

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Chinedu Dike 09 November 2021

A free flight of creativity on winged imagination. Very heartfelt with strong emotions.

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Prabir Gayen 29 November 2018

A good piece of art............

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Your picture of the Gypsy life is a very lively portrayal..a ten from me..

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Akhtar Jawad 20 February 2016

A beautiful poem, a deserving selection as a members poem of the day. Congratulations.

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Rajnish Manga 20 February 2016

Thank you, John, for replying to my comments on your lovely poem 'A Gypsy's Life'. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your poem but I never expected such a sarcastic remark from a poet friend of your stature. Had I not liked the poem, I would have simply skipped my comments, Sir.

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John Zwerenz 20 February 2016

Mr. Manga, I was not being sarcastic nor did I have any intention of offending you in my reply to your initial commentary regarding A Gypsy's Life. I was merely asserting my lifelong conviction of my deep belief in the ethereal or spiritual dimension where I have found many sacred and precious things. I rarely reply to critics of my verse, but in this case I felt an obligation to do so for the benefit of my readers to affirm my core poetic beliefs and to avoid confusion. I also believe that true love is indeed fair and that there is no need in that comment for quotation marks. I am glad you liked the poem, Rajnish, be well, and all the best to you. John Lars Zwerenz

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John Lars Zwerenz

John Lars Zwerenz

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