Animal Friends Poem by John Leroy Maxwell

Animal Friends

Walking 'round my yard, I just wanted to see, if any
little friends wanted company..
I saw Mrs. Robin sitting in a tree, guarding her nest,
and her children three..
She was busy at the moment, and said, ' go visit Mr. Squirrel..
He just broke up with his cute little girl..'
I said, ' how do you do, Mr. Squirrel so blue, I
have some nuts, I'd like to share with you..'
He replied, 'keep the nuts, I don't want to be fed,
I'm feeling so sad, I'm going back to bed..
I left in a hurry to catch Mr. Rabbit, he was hopping along,
in his usual habit.. I said, 'hi Mr. Rabbit good to see you,
He replied, good to see you too but I got a lot of work to do..
As I strolled around the house, I saw the Groundhog,
and the Grouse.. The were both very busy, so I went
to see Mrs. Mouse.. Mrs. Mouse is usually home, 'cause
she rarely leaves the house.. She put a sign on the wall,
that was flapping in the breeze.. It read, ' Open House Today,
please bring your own cheese..' No one today wants to
talk or play.. I guess I'll read a book.. But first let me see,
if the Animals are all safe.. It's worth a second look..

Sunday, December 30, 2007
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
Susan Lacovara 12 May 2014

I read this as I sit sunning in the backyard, that belongs to a bevy of creatures...all welcome as I am really the actual intruder. Wonderful, glib write! PEACE

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 02 January 2010

Wonderful poem, engaging and humorous, in a refreshing way. I love animals and enjoyed this immensely.10+++

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Ronald Stroman 30 December 2007

eye raise guinea pigs. i enjoy the words you shared. take care.

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