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One More Mile

Give me the strength to travel one more mile
To out in the country where people still farm
To where there is still a sense of community
With wheat fields, horses, plus many a barn

Cloud Chief Horses

I never had a horse at Cloud Chief
Even though horses were in season
My dad would say I ate like a horse
So to save food that was the reason

Double Pleasure

Everyone loves a two for one deal
Expecially a two horse layout view
For it has a beginning and the end
Where double pleasure becomes true

Mona Lisa

Join me in a cyber tour of the city of Paris
Where Napoleon used to rule and call home
That city filled with history and excitement
For on their streets Americans love to roam

Venus De Milo

Did you wonder how Venus could milk a cow
Since obviously, she does not have any arms
She could hold the bucket between her legs
But she would be useless around diary farms

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Marilyn Lott 01 April 2008

John is one of the best Red Dirt men I know. He takes you on Red Dirt trips with his wonderful poetry and you can travel along with him as he takes you all over the world in his web pages.

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George Wootton 29 May 2007

Hello John, I reside in Mustang, OK. so we are close neighbors. I too design and build high pressure equipment as well as other specialized equipment in a large manufacturing plant where I have been employed for almost 40 years. Spring is my favorite season and I see even the storm clouds in awesome beauty though they sometimes scare the heck out of me! I enjoy your work very much and look forward to reading more as time permits. George.

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