Epiphany Poem by John Thorkild Ellison


Rating: 3.3

Outside the surge of the wind, the wind in the trees,
The rush of leaves, and the sighing in the pine-needles,
Outside the sound of the sea-shore, distant, remembered,
The waves breaking on the gray rocks, and the evening approaching,
The restlessness, and the interminable noise.

Silence in the room, and solitude,
A sense of spaces, remoteness and nearness, and the soul's awareness,

Desolate is the hearts desire
And the loving knows no end,
When the morning in the clouds breaks across the sky,
And the forests sway and bend.

Outside the wind, the wind in the trees,
And the sighing in the tree-tops.

Noises from the town, heedless, unthinking, indistinct,
Recurring, fading,
And silence in the room, and solitude,
The shadowy dimness, the darkness of evening,
A pause in time, and the soul's awareness.

Charles Chaim Wax 17 November 2005

nature always provides inner peace for the humans if the humans open their soul to such truth a lovely poem

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Guy Northam 09 March 2016

The poem echoes. Top marks!

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Kinyua Karanja 10 July 2015

One of Most complex poem poem i have read so far. I don't know what to say.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 26 April 2008

Very nice, John. I'm reminded of an oil painting. A Monet. One of that 'impressionistic style. I hear this being read, with music behind it. It's atmospheric and invites. 'Epiphany' moves.

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Chuck Audette 21 August 2007

Lovely. The repeated words (outside, wind) , the immersion of the senses, etc. all combine for a wonderful poem. -chuck

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Paddy Scott Hogg 28 October 2006

You Sir can write POETRY! ! ! ! ! ! Some write words and call it poetry some write some good lines and think themselves a poet - so few are good enough to be called a poet! I plan to be in edinburgh to perform some of mine soonish - I'd love to hear yours! Patrick

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