(dodgy Dave Tale) Dr. Dave Poem by JoAnn McGrath

(dodgy Dave Tale) Dr. Dave

Rating: 3.1

Dr. Dave will see you now.
His doctoring ways will show you how.
He's been through many 'Been there, Done thats'.
Which has left him with lots of memory maps.
He''ll draw upon his life experiences,
and help you through your lifes consequences.
He uses his wonderful beautiful words
To heal the wounds and give a cure.
So if your ever in the need of doctoring,
or some endearing words of console and comforting.
Just look up Dr. Dave if he's on.
If his shingles out, he'll respond.
(Although Dr. Dave's not dodgy here.
He'll still fix what ails, free and clear: O)

Meggie Gultiano 11 August 2007

I totally agree with this, Jojo..he is our doctor of the heart..a verykind person and friend..nicely penned..loveit!

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David Harris 20 May 2007

JoAnn, I certainly do not feel like the Dr Dave your purpose here. You make me feel a bit numb by it all. Adulation is something I feel uncomfortable with. I just meander around and help where I can. I don't think I always succeed. If I do, I feel a little embarrassed about it. My friends are what I call you all and I like to see my friends happy, not full of sadness and tears. But I'm no Dr, just someone who cares that's all. Thanks for another lovely poem. Dodgy Dave

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Melvina Germain 20 May 2007

Dodgy Dave, he's the man, fabulous poem JoJo--Melvina--

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Francesca Johnson 20 May 2007

Dodgy Dave - a great tribute to a man who has encouraged and inspired so many of us on this site. Thank you, JoJo. Love, Fran xx

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