Jon Alan Poems

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**one Lonely Night

Love, so blind, blind faith confused
Resentment at being deceived and used
A leap of faith, a common mistake
Emotions shrugged off and abused

**in Terms Of Time

the way the sun reflects off matter
around 3 pm on sunny balmy pre-autumn holidays

where there are usually throngs of people milling about

**oh But For More Time

I dreamt that I was looking out
On my trail, just peering about
At once I saw two heads in a hollow
Peering back at my curious gaze

**searching For Soul In A Bottomless Hole

I've stretched the imagination
to the point of no return
Loose'd the bolts of meaning
'till I carried no concern

**love Song

In a place called Rochelle Palace
Overlooking placid seas
I found her just a-waiting
Waiting there for me.

**a New Poem - A Prayer To Tellus

The dew on the leaves hint the coming of dawn
Father Sol on his perch, morning birds sing their songs
He peeks o'er the hills, Sol's warmth clears the Glade
As the dawns dewey clouds willingly fade

**lovers In Paradise

Let us stay here now, forever, You and I.
Let us stay in Summer's sweetness
with the dew drops in our hair
And the scented smells of soft sweet roses

**shelly At The Penny Arcade

Down by what used to be the penny arcade
Where me and Shelly used to meet, now and then,
I saw her at first just standing there, a porcelain statuette
Worshiping her viewers with her glass eyes

The Pointlessness Of War

Readied were the armies
of the This and of the That
Angels blew their trumpets
And the devils sent out rats

Empty Lovers

Mingle as one in unkempt jungle
Of clothes strewn around like mistresses to a rich man.

Melt as one in hollow desire

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