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(Born September 9,1952)
My mother smoked while I was in the womb and until I was four, she gave me this horrific pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis, but worse, both parents physically and emotionally, psychologically deeply abused me.

I have been a printing pressman, graphic designer, and darkroom technician and photographer ...

Jon Alan Poems

**one Lonely Night

Love, so blind, blind faith confused
Resentment at being deceived and used
A leap of faith, a common mistake
Emotions shrugged off and abused

**in Terms Of Time

the way the sun reflects off matter
around 3 pm on sunny balmy pre-autumn holidays

where there are usually throngs of people milling about

**oh But For More Time

I dreamt that I was looking out
On my trail, just peering about
At once I saw two heads in a hollow
Peering back at my curious gaze

**searching For Soul In A Bottomless Hole

I've stretched the imagination
to the point of no return
Loose'd the bolts of meaning
'till I carried no concern

**love Song

In a place called Rochelle Palace
Overlooking placid seas
I found her just a-waiting
Waiting there for me.

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