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I was born in Milwaukee. Later, I moved with family to Glencoe, Illinois: a suburb of Chicago. Later, they moved to Stockton, Illinois; midway between Rockford, Illinois and Dubuque, Iowa; to edit a newspaper. They later moved to Evansville, Wisconsin, midway between Madison and Janesville. They edited a newspaper there too. After graduating high s ...

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What I Remember About School

The crack and shine of opening a new textbook.
The feeling of too warm to wear a t-shirt under my shirt in the afternoon and too cold in the morning not to wear one.
The sparkling new desk on the first day of class.
Standing single-file in a crowded line carrying a tray in the cafeteria.


I would pay much more than I can ever afford
To undue the harm I have done.
Maybe God makes us bad at first
So we'll be better in the long run.


My rich uncle loved me so much, he wouldn't include me in his will.
Because he didn't want me as a suspect in case he was murdered.
Nowhere is a compliment met with less gratitude than at a funeral.
Anyone who tells you he is afraid of death, can't be speaking from experience.

Pessimist Vs. Optimist

I'm an pessimist.
I heard it will snow.
I'm an optimist.
I heard it will be ideal for skiing, snowing, and building snowmen.

Ode To The Maintenance Man

I know of a champion, a hero for our age.
You will not find in comic book, TV screen, or stage.
He has no magic cape to send him through the sky.
But he hastens to the rescue at each and every cry.

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12 August 2019

If you do not know what you want to do, you know you won't do what you want.

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