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Bend me. Flex me. Style me. Mold me.
i am Plaster, i am Clay
Feed me words.
i will eat them.

if i touched you, would you bleed?
would you lie writhe in pain.?
would you curse in waves of convulsions?
would you like it?

love change for it is all life will give you.
overcome disappointment for it is all you will have.
achieve for yourself it is all that really matters.

blank by blank i count my fate.
small bubbles peirce my soul.
this rapture of essay questions,
repremand my whole.

why would you cry when it is raining?
so no one could see your tears?
your grudges, full of fears?
are you that afraid of tears?

raindrops bounce like rockets flaring.
fire dances round your feet, the fleeting moths retire
some days you hide your face in anger, fury, rage, desire
but never once forget the way we danced in waves of fire.

tell me, why you think the world has lost its lucid lore.
and if the carbon building on your door was meant for more.
did the world not tell you it includes its ups and downs?
that not far behind your tosstled locks lies mountains you climbed down?

if i were to tell you that i used you,
would you care?
if i were to say you were a game,
could you belive?

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alright. i am not new to the community. well.. i am in the sense it has taken me a year to rejoin. i have matured since. i am not perfect. i do spin alot of crap. i dont think when i write. i just do it. so if its bad. its the fault of my self concious. i am not the suicidal type. i am happy. i cant fix your problems. im sorry. but i would love to hear from you. message. comment. i will return the favor.)

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Numb Conformity

Bend me. Flex me. Style me. Mold me.
i am Plaster, i am Clay
Feed me words.
i will eat them.
tell me Lies.
ill belive them.
my oppinions arnt my own.
Stifel them. End them.
i dont need my own ideals
ill Conform.

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Jona'e Levett Popularity

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