Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet Poems

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The clouds do darken, the rain does drop
I wonder when its going to stop.
The pitter-patter of rain does fall
Against my windows, against my wall.

Twenty Lines

Sitting down my eyes closed tight,
Wondering whether I’ll write tonight,
Another poem for you to see,
My pen and paper are close to me.

My 'Get Up And Go' Just 'Got Up And Went'

My ‘Get Up and Go’
Just ‘Got Up and Went’
It wasn’t intentional,
It must have been Heaven sent.

Poetry! ! Poetry! ! Poetry! !

Poetry! ! Poetry! ! Poetry! !
Why are we addicted to Poetry?
We Poets who write,
All day or all night,

How Will It Be For Us?

No words can express my feelings,
Of how it will be for us,
But, to start a friendship,
Has to be based on Trust.


Will others remember me
When from this Mortal Life I slip?
As I remember those of my forebears,
Who did before me live.

Birthday Wishes For A Grieving Wife

Celebrate or not
They come each year to stay
To count your years for all
To know you and your ways.

Birthday Wishes For My Step-Daughter

Deborah, I rack my brains,
If brains I have,
For something good to say,
To wish you well on this,

Life Is Like A Maze

Our life is like a Maze,
With a Start and one End.
We journey through it constantly,
Hoping it’ll last till Eternity.


The thought of being with you
Keeps me sane in life,
Of walking, talking and dreaming of you,
Away from all life's strife.

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