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The clouds do darken, the rain does drop
I wonder when its going to stop.
The pitter-patter of rain does fall
Against my windows, against my wall.

Sitting down my eyes closed tight,
Wondering whether I’ll write tonight,
Another poem for you to see,
My pen and paper are close to me.

My ‘Get Up and Go’
Just ‘Got Up and Went’
It wasn’t intentional,
It must have been Heaven sent.

Poetry! ! Poetry! ! Poetry! !
Why are we addicted to Poetry?
We Poets who write,
All day or all night,

No words can express my feelings,
Of how it will be for us,
But, to start a friendship,
Has to be based on Trust.

Will others remember me
When from this Mortal Life I slip?
As I remember those of my forebears,
Who did before me live.

Celebrate or not
They come each year to stay
To count your years for all
To know you and your ways.

Deborah, I rack my brains,
If brains I have,
For something good to say,
To wish you well on this,

Our life is like a Maze,
With a Start and one End.
We journey through it constantly,
Hoping it’ll last till Eternity.

The thought of being with you
Keeps me sane in life,
Of walking, talking and dreaming of you,
Away from all life's strife.

Can we meet for coffee?
Can we meet for tea?
Can we meet to see?
How compatible we be.

I know that I must try to write,
To obtain my Peace of Mind,
But the words will not come out right,
And my thoughts are so unkind.

How does one get new friends
For Outings to the sea?
When on my own ~ not working,
Why should I lonely be?

Never let it be said by some,
Nor let it be said by anyone,
That a Poet's Art is not the same.
As a Writer of Prose, or a Painter when

The thick cloud of despair hangs over me,
Thoughts are black of my future dim,
But why do I think so? ~ Why, oh why,
When I have Trust and Faith in HIM?

We wander down the road of Life,
Cognisant of our days and night,
Hoping health will fill our days,
Free of trouble and of strife.

Do I have what it takes to write a good verse?
Do the words and the lines make good sense?
Am I writing again more words that are terse?
Or is the effort like climbing a fence?

I sit me down to think and write,
How to lead my Future Life,
Knowing it’s set by HIM alone,
But I don’t want to remain at Home.

Into the ethers of my mind,
I launch my thoughts to see,
Whether within the labyrinths therein,
A poem lingers for thee.


Memory has a funny way
Of playing tricks on you,
Whatever you think you know,
Are you certain of it too?

Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet Biography

Jonathan Goldman, known Internationally as 'JGthepoet', was born in Nottingham on 16 December 1943, and moved to London in August 1950. He started writing poetry in the year 2000, when he was diagnosed with the rare, incurable skeletal muscle disease called Myasthenia Gravis. He is a Practising Jew, and has a devout Faith in the Almighty. With his Myasthenia normally controlled by a drug cocktail, he can lead a reasonable life, but has had to make certain changes to his lifestyle and hobbies, as he is not allowed any exercise or sports. With Myasthenia, the more he uses his muscles, the weaker they become. All of his poems are posted on and also on http: // and having written in excess of 500 poems he had decided to stop continually writing, but when he went into hospital in January 2014 he began again. Several of his poems are of a religious nature, others of his view of the beauty of creation and of the world in which we live. Some are for friendship and peace, some in the Alphabetic and Acrostic format, and there are two very long love poems. Several of his poems are posted on other Poetry Sites. In the U.K. The Poet Laureate is a Regal Appointment, however, on the International Poetry Scene, the term " Poet Laureate" signifies recognition by fellow International Poets, and he is gratified to be so recognised. An Internet Search on the main Search Engines for " JGthepoet" will show most of his poems and where they can be found. All of his poetry is (c) Copyrighted, but an email to for permission to publish may not be denied, but if you " Cut & Paste" any of his poetry, without permission, then Legal Action may be commenced against you for Breach of Copyright. Translating any of his poems into Languages other than English will be construed as a serious Breach of Copyright. On his 70th Birthday, he took ill and was admitted into Hospital on 7th January 2014 with an infection in his foot ulcers. A MRI Scan on 9th January 2014 discovered that he had Osteomyelitis creeping up his right leg which was amputated across the knee on 31st January 2014. He left hospital on 7th April 2014 and has depicted his stay in hospital and Rehab in poetry. His amputation was a result of being hit by a supermarket trolley in 2003. He is a resident in a JBD flat in Bushey, and when the Duchess of Gloucester officially opened the Court on 9 July 2014, he gave her a specially written poem, signed and framed to commemorate the event.” During his Rehab and since leaving hospital Jonathan is ever grateful to The Masonic Samaritan Fund, Patterson Medical and RentaScoota who have provided him with mobility equipment and have enabled him to lead a more active Life despite the fact that he is now an Amputee confined to a wheelchair. In 2015 he wrote that “it is a great achievement for me as an Internationally recognised poet a.k.a. JGthepoet, and for Anglo Jewry that my poem entitled " Onomatopoeia" has been included in " Step Up! " which is a First Year English programme Text Book. The Authors of that Book state that “It addresses the requirements of Junior Cycle English in an innovative way that will develop students' appreciation of English and lay the groundwork for Second and Third Year assessment. This Text Book is for the whole of the Schools in the Republic of Ireland for the ensuing 5 years, published by Folens. He quotes from an email from Conor Walker who is the Commissioning Editor with Folens: - " By way of introduction, I am a Commissioning Editor with Folens. I am emailing you regarding the recent publication of your poem, Onomatopoeia, in our English book, Step Up! Firstly, please let me say how pleased we were that you granted permission for us to use it. It is a wonderfully crafted poem and a lovely depiction of the formation of sounds through poetry, which lends itself brilliantly to student reflection, discussion and appreciation of poetry." Another poem of his entitled " Lest We Forget The Holocaust" has been presented to Yad Vashem, Beth Shalom and at the Holocaust Education Trust. Other poems and writings can be found on his website dedicated to the Memory of his late Parents ~ Copyright {c] Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] – 21 May 2015)

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The clouds do darken, the rain does drop
I wonder when its going to stop.
The pitter-patter of rain does fall
Against my windows, against my wall.
The wind does blow, the rain does lash
Against my house's pebbledash.
The sounds of never-ending rain
Gurgling down pipes into the drain.
Cars make splashes on wet streets,
Drops on puddles make them meet
In rivulets of rain, rushing onwards
Till the rain and wind abate,
And the sun comes out to dissipate
The water back to heaven
To fall as rain again at seven.

(Copyright (c) Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 26 October 2003)

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Trucker Jeff 12 July 2006

Hey Jonathan...Good poem. Its an earmark of life. I drive a semi. Should I hop the pond and load you up? I'd be happy to. Good luck and God's blessings on your knew home. Live well and prosper

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To Lose an Argument for the sake of a Peaceful Existence is not Cowardice but takes Great Fortitude.

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