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The Thing

I'm standing in a field of green
Sunshine, flowers and grass to see
Bunnies, birds and deer are there
You can see them everywhere


Math, Socials and P.E.
Aren't the greatest subjects to me
Math is tough, and the numbers are plenty
And calculators cost a pretty penny

My Secret Place

I'm sitting by the riverside on a sturdy log
I can think so clearly here my mind works just like cogs
I'm hidden by the sticks and bush on eather side of me
But the view infront of I is more than THEY can see

Always And Forever

I see her nearly every day
But my love for her will never fade away
Her hair is brown, her eyes are green
The prettiest face I've ever seen


No one sees me,
Am I not there?
Am I invisible?
Or do you just not care?

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Edwin Drood 26 December 2007

Such a stupid writer, i am sorry to say, His poems are stupid, So look the other way..... Says emo's poems are good and even better than mine, Let me tell you all a thing My stories shines I don't write poems, This guy thinks that is my fault, Listen i can write anything, So shut your mouth up, you little dolt

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