My Secret Place

I'm sitting by the riverside on a sturdy log
I can think so clearly here my mind works just like cogs
I'm hidden by the sticks and bush on eather side of me
But the view infront of I is more than THEY can see
The river drowns out all of the other sounds
I'm glad I went exploring to discover this place that I have found
I love this place so very much but it will have to come to an end
so I should make the most of the time I have here, who knows how much I have to spend?

emotional girl 18 January 2008

lovely and amazing! i like the idea of having ur own place! ! ! ! ! ! lots of love, emotional girl

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Francis Duggan 25 December 2007

Good poem you've penned here Jordan keep up your good work

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Dan Hanosh 11 April 2007

Nice... I had a place along a river. I used to go there to study and just be... I still have a place, only this place is called Paradise Springs... And it truly is. Dan Hanosh Dreams Are Yours To Share Keep writing... Keep sharing. http: // act=module&module=blog&req=showblog&blogid=28

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