The Thing Poem by Jordan Davis

The Thing

Rating: 4.5

I'm standing in a field of green
Sunshine, flowers and grass to see
Bunnies, birds and deer are there
You can see them everywhere
But then the day turns to night
Not a deer or bird in sight
I begin to run from a fear unseen
Then I cry, 'What's chasing Me? ! '
I look behind but nothing there
What is it? A monster, goblin or bear?
The field, I realize, doesn't end
It just keeps going no turns or bends
I trip and fall I hit my head
In a matter of time I will be dead
But then I wake beside my bed
It was just a dream, did I take my med's?

Scout Jean 03 March 2008

love it its chill : ]

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 23 April 2007

I truly enjoyed this poem from beginning to end! The flow is so great and the rhyme scheme was awesome as well as the amazing imagery.Great imagination was showed and it made it even more interesting to me and made me ((Smile)) when I read at the end that it was a dream! Thanx so much for sharing, you write very well. ==shelley==

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Dee Daffodil 10 April 2007

Let's hope you don't have too many dreams like this! : -) I like the flow of this poem Jordan! ! Hugs, dee

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